Best Ancient Egypt Slot Games

Ancient Egypt Games

Ancient Egypt is one of the most commonly used themes when it comes to slot games. Players like the idea of being a historic hero in a game and going back in time to experience such a prolific culture. In the ancient Egypt theme, players can discover unfound treasure and get an insight into the great monuments.


Cleopatra is currently one of the most popular, most searched for slot games on the internet – and there’s a reason why. This is a well-designed slot game that is a lot of fun to play.  The free spins features work well, appears to be triggered on a regular basis and the progressive jackpot is always a welcome addition. You can play the free play version of Cleopatra before playing for real money. It’s a classic. You should also look out for the various promotions that exist, as with some of these, you get the chance to play this and win real money – from free spins!


Ramesses RichesRamesses-Riches

Ramesses Riches has been developed and released by NetEnt as an online slot that has chosen to base its theme around the famous ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses. The bonus features in this slot game give it plenty of variation and winning opportunities. There is an interesting gamble feature in this slot game where you can double your winnings by predicting the next card’s colour. This is an innovative feature that not many slots use.


Golden Egypt

Golden Egypt transports players back thousands of years to the peak of one of man’s great civilisations – ancient Egypt. It’s a familiar time and place for online slot games, including none other than Cleopatra, another hugely successful slot. The greater than average number of paylines means it can be a fun and rewarding game to play. The aesthetic of the game really gets across the Egyptian theme, with the famous ancient pyramids in the background, in the middle of the African desert. There are some eye-catching symbols, including the Sphinx, the sun god Ra, and a golden ankh shape.


Egyptian Rise

This attractive, colourful looking slot entry is the handiwork of the creative minds, NextGen Gaming and this entry is one of the best looking of theirs that we have seen. Instead of being a run of the mill slot game, NextGen has made the game both interesting and informative, so if the ancient world of Egypt is something that even slightly interests you, this slot is going to be appealing. There is a range of bonus features to keep you entertained in this slot, ones that are rare to find in typical slots, like a gamble feature.



We have seen some ancient Egyptian themed slot games before, but this title offers players a more realistic look into the famous North African legend. The story goes that Tutankhamun was buried more than 3000 years ago and it wasn’t until 1922 that his grave was discovered and unearthed by the famous explorer, Howard Carter. This slot offers an extremely rewarding multiplier where players can win a 5x multiplier!


Pharaoh’s Fortune

Taking you to the exquisite time of ancient Egypt with all its mysteries and treasures, this action-packed IGT game will take you on an adventure you won’t forget. This video slot has a classic feel to it which is preferred by slot players that like the original and simple style. The bonus features to this slot includes multipliers which means that winnings can be considerably high.



This Egyptian themed slot comes with a staggering 720 different pay lines! This slot game is considered to be one of the best Egyptian themed slots in the industry. The bonus features include a symbol avalanche and also a wild generation. The RTP for this slot is also above the industry average so players can expect rewards quite often throughout the game.


Mummy Gold

Mummy Gold

Mummy Gold is an Egyptian themed slot preferred by penny punters, the minimum betting stake per spin is as low as 1p. Players can win up to 50 free spins on this slot game which really can turn a few heads and create some awesome wins. It is a simple and straightforward slot game to understand.


A While on The Nile

Based on possibly the most famous river in the world, A While on the Nile is a game that also uses ancient Egypt as one of its main influences and manages to do a good job of doing so. The game is developed by the famous developer, NextGen Gaming and instead of the usual pyramids and pharaoh lark that you’d usually expect to see; instead we are taken to the Nile river, one that if you include tributaries, travels from the great lakes of Central Africa, all the way to Northern Africa and into the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for a slot with personality, A While on the Nile is a game that is worth your time. There are plenty of bonus features to keep you enticed and they have even included a gamble feature for the players who want to earn a little something more for their efforts.