TV Show Slot Games

Game Of Thrones 243If you love big TV Shows, and you love slot games, then it’s natural to want to combine both.

Big game developers like IGT, Microgaming and NetEnt recognise that famous TV shows are marquee names that attract people to go online searching for things tied in and related to them. And TV show makers see the chance to make extra money from their mega-brand shows. That’s why all types of merchandise from lunchboxes to calendars and figurines and bedsheets of your favourite box set get sold every day.


Whether it’s the blockbuster fantasy of Game of Thrones, or the dark humour of shows like South Park, there’s a TV tie-in to suit all tastes.

Here, we take a look at some of the big names in the world of TV slots.

Top TV Slot Machine Games

Game Of Thrones 243 Ways: One of the biggest TV shows of recent years has to be Game Of Thrones. And so that’s why it makes perfect sense to have a Game of Thrones TV slot game. With five rows, and a whopping 243 paylines, the soundtrack and imagery of this slot brings home the look and feel of the blockbuster TV show. The houses of Lannister and Stark lends their insignia to the slot symbols. A definite fun game for GoT fans.


100k Pyramid: 100k Pyramid may not be a huge name in the UK, but this classic US gameshow has been around since 1973 in the States. The slot version of the show is equally as much fun, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 paylines to keep you very busy.


Holly Madison: Is a model and TV personality with two hit shows on E! and her fame has opened the door to this slot, themeed after the show An Evening With Holly Madison. The slot is themed around her personality, with a Holly Goes Wild random feature to add some glamour and chaos to your slot gaming.


Family Guy SlotFamily Guy: Seth McFarlane’s multi award winning cartoon has all the Simpsons and the darkness of Frankie Boyle. Fans of the Griffin family and their exploits will be glad of the opportunity to see them make an appearance in this wonderful slot game from IGT.


South Park: The characters of  Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman have been around since the late 90s, offending politicians and celebrities alike. If you can’t get enough of Their adventures, and want to see them in your slot games, then this is the place for you.


South Park Reel Chaos: If you have played the original South Park slot and can’t get enough, then this sequel produced by NetEnt should keep you occupied for even longer.

Breaking Bad: The famous TV show featuring the descent of one Mr Walter White into a mid life crisis whilst building a drug empire on crystal meth became one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever. The Breaking Bad slot from IGT takes the Jesse, Walter and Skylar into the world of online slot gaming, blue meth included.