100 Ladies Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

100 Ladies Slot Review

Ladybugs and relationships – is that a thing? Well, in this game it sure is! Follow the relationship between a male and female ladybug unravel in this happy game made by IGT. With up to 100 winning lines and 5 different reels, this game won’t disappoint and is filled with action and a variety of possible wins!

Look & Feel:

Setting the location of a natural ladybug environment with some happy jazz tunes, you can’t avoid the inevitable smile whilst playing. The reels are filled with a lot of different symbols, to mention a few, you’ll of course find the two main characters in their own iconic form, a female ladybug and a male ladybug. Combine the two and you quite naturally get a family, being several ladybugs!

That’s also without getting into what their home is like, being in a field filled with both sunflower and clover symbols. As it’s an overall happy game, the lesser valued icons are presented with a cartoonish spirit and are visually appealing, leaving you without a dull moment.

The jazz music that fills the background is a complex,  but nice just the same. Wins greet you with a variety of special sounds.

Bonus Feature:

The wild symbol, which is a large number of ladybugs surrounded by a green box will appear stacked on the reels. This can be quite a powerful wild symbol to get as it can show itself on all five reels at the same time, and with 100 paylines, and a top pay of 1000 coins, a full screen of wild symbols will award 100,000 coin wins!

Free Spin Feature:

Now this is the cooler feature – when 3 or more bonus symbols appear in the centre of the reels, get ready to be thrown into a 10 free spin bonus round with the value of each spin being x 2 of your initial stake. Oh and did I say you only get 10 free spins?

It seems like I’ve failed to mention, that when active, you can of course re-trigger the free spin bonus round for a staggering amount of up to 255 spins! Not only that, your overall ‘Stacked Wilds’ symbols have a much higher value and have larger chances to appear when initiated in the Free Spin feature.

100 Ladies RTP:

The RTP for 100 Ladies can vary from 93.04% to 96.52%. This is a fairly common payout percentage and acceptable for an online slot.

100 Ladies Slot Review Verdict:

To conclude our review, 100 Ladies ends up being a very joyful and straight forward game with great chances of large wins.  This game won’t bore you in a while and is definitely worth a try. Also, in the meantime, you get to hang out with what I’d say are pretty cool ladybugs.