5 Lions Gold Review

5 Lions Gold is a pragmatic play developed slot game which was created in 2019 and in this review, we will be giving you all the best information about it, including how to win big, what bonuses are available and what you can expect from playing on the game.

5 Lions Gold features 243 paylines and 5 reels. This game is infact the follow up game of Five Lions which is the original slot however 5 Lions Gold is a newer and improved version with lots more cool features which make it much better than the original!

The minimum bet on 5 Lions Gold is £0.18p and the maximum bet is £5.

Looks and Feel:

Lets get straight to the review and provide you with some top information about how 5 Lions Gold looks and also feels.

So, first of all, 5 Lions Gold is an Asian themed slot and it is obvious to see that the Asian influence played a big part in how this game was developed.

Classic Asian inspired colours can be seen throughout the game and this really does look good and it also attracts plenty of slot players including myself!

The main colours which I noticed on the homepage of 5 Lions Gold included royal blue, gold and also red which all look fabulous.

In general, I think that the game has a very unique theme which is nice to see, and it also looks like the quality is extremely high in terms of the images and animations that have been used.

The main tabs include the wagering amounts and the amount of credit which the player has left, and these are situated on the bottom left corner of the slot. Payment methods contact information and also the FAQ are all displayed at the bottom of the 5 Lions Gold homepage.

In all honesty, I did not know what to expect from Pragmatic Play in terms of the feel on 5 Lions Gold because they aren’t really renowned for how the slots feel but I am pleased to inform you that I had a jolly time on 5 Lions Gold and this game has a splendid feel which really did enhance my gaming experience on the slot.

5 Lions Gold has decent responsiveness which is always good to have, there was never any hiccups and the game never froze which I was very pleased about.

So, to round it off, 5 Lions Gold is a slot which feels good with nice graphics, good responsiveness and also looks fairly good too!

Bonus Features:

Here at Slotsino, we live and breath slots and because of this we want to make sure that our readers get the very experience when playing on the slots which we recommend.

So many different features are required to be excellent when playing on a slot and we know that the bonus features are arguably the most important feature for the majority of slot fanatics out there.

Luckily, 5 Lions Gold has a great range of bonus features which are not only fun to use but are also helpful too!

Listed beneath this paragraph are a few of the best bonus features on 5 Lions Gold so make sure you check them out!

Free Spins: Free Spins are very popular as you already know and there are lots of them on 5 Lions Gold!

On this game, you aren’t always required to land symbols and reels, instead you can randomly get them out of nowhere and they can just appear whilst you are playing!

Max Payout: 5 Lions Gold has a maximum payout of 7000x of the players stake.

Caishen Random Award: The Caishen Random Award is a random featured which can get triggered at any time.

This awesome feature can occur on both bonus spins games and base games.

Once you get this award you will receive a jackpot and if you match 3 symbols you will then get an additional jackpot.

Return to Player (RTP):

The Return to Player percentage is very important nowadays and if you are looking to win some big amounts of cash then you must go for a slot with a good RTP! Having said this, I am sure you will be glad to find out that 5 Lions Gold has an RTP of 96.5%.

About the Developer:

If you have read our reviews in the past, then you will know that we only like to cover the very best slots because we believe in providing our readers with the very best!

Due to the fact that we only cover the best slots, we think that the developer of the slot is very important because after all it is because of them that the slot is even around so in this part of the review we will be giving you some fun facts about the developer of 5 Lions Gold.

5 Lions Gold is a Pragmatic Play online slot game and some cool facts about the development giants can be seen down below.

  • In August 2015 Pragmatic Play was established.
  • Pragmatic Play is licensed and certified in more than 20 jurisdictions.
  • Slot games developed by Pragmatic Play are available to be played on dozens of devices. Popular devices include Android and iOS phones.
  • Pragmatic Play has licenses with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and also the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • The Pragmatic Play headquarters is in Sliema (Malta).


So, this brings our review to a close and we hope that you have enjoyed it! Before you go, its time to move onto the verdict, a brief overall summary of the slot and why you should play on it!

5 Lions Gold is a well put together slot game which looks marvellous in terms of appearance and also feels superb in terms of navigation and how it performs.

The development is awesome and the game itself has pretty much everything that is needed for a stupendous slot!

This Pragmatic Play developed slot certainly is spectacular, and you must be sure to check it out! Have fun and happy gambling!