7 Sins Slot Review

7 Sins is a well-developed video slot which is based on the famous story of the 7 deadly sins. This slot features 243 payline, 5 reels and it is powered by software giants Play’n Go.

In this review you will learn everything there is to know about 7 Sins which really is a top slot that features lots of exciting features, including free spins, big cash prizes, multipliers and an attractive bonus too!

Looks & Feel:

As you now know, 7 Sins is developed by Play’n Go and they are a company who are very well-known for developing slot games which look great and also feel good too!

In this review, we wish to inform you about everything on this wonderful slot, including the looks and feel. Below, you will be able to find all the relevant information about the looks and feel on the 7 Sins slot.

The theme on 7 Sins is the 7 deadly sins and you will notice this right from the get-go. As soon as you enter the 7 sins slot, you will be able to see all the 7 sins who are displayed in the form of 7 different characters.

All 7 characters look different and they are all wearing different clothes, have different hairstyles and have different appearances, some more mysterious than others.

The background colour is dark red and maroon whilst the 7 Sins title is written in quite a fancy format which is bound to catch the eye of any player.

This slot gives off quite a mysterious and retro look, the ‘spin’ button is situated in the bottom right corner, whilst the ‘paytable’ and ‘autoplay’ buttons can be found on the left corner.

The overall balance and the overall win is displayed at the bottom of the slot, whilst the Play’n Go logo can be seen on the top right corner.

7 Sins slot has a terrific appearance and I personally feel that this slot is one of the best slots that Play’n Go have developed in recent years.

As you probably know, I was very impressed with how 7 Sins looked and I feel like it is a really good looking slot game and to make things even better, the feel on 7 Sins slot is truly epic as well!

Once on this magnificent slot game, you will notice that the feel is awesome and the navigation is really one of the best things about this slot.

The ease of getting around and navigating is fabulous and the responsiveness is also insanely quick too!

Play’n Go have a good reputation for developing slot games which have a good feel, so I was expecting this slot to feel good and I certainly was not let down!

If the looks and feel of a slot game is important to you, then make sure you try out 7 sins. You won’t regret it!

Bonus Features:

If you play on slot games regularly, then it won’t come as a surprise to you that bonus features are extremely important and the vast majority of punters usually tend to choose a slot game with a good variety of bonus features.

7 Sins has a large range of bonus features available for players to choose from and these are all available to view as soon as the player gets onto the slot.

Wild Symbols – The symbol which has the highest value on 7 Sins is the Lucky 7 Wild Symbol.

This awesome wild symbol will give the player 70x their stake. This symbol will appear on the reels 5, 1 and 3.

Free Spins Feature – Free Spins are immensely popular and the majority of slot players tend to seek them.

On 7 Sins, free spins will be awarded when the player gets the Pandora Box symbol on the reels 5, 1 and 3 and 7 free spins will be awarded.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP for 7 Sins is 96%.

About the Developer:

When 7 Sins first came to our attention, the majority of people in the online slots industry were not expecting much, but then Play’n Go came out of nowhere and released this tremendous slot game which started to turn heads!

As we previously mentioned, 7 Sins was developed by the development pioneers Play’n Go and in this review, we will give you all the information you need to know about the company.

The Play’n Go company was created back in 2005 and with over 10 years worth of experience in the industry, it is fair to say that they are very well-established.

Play’n Go are regarded as one of the biggest suppliers for slot games in the entire industry and people talk very highly of this immensely successful company.

Development pioneers Play’n Go have developed over 300 slot games and they are known for offering unique mobile slots and also offering plenty of top features to their players.


7 Sins really is a terrific slot game that has impressed not only me but also thousands of slot players all across the globe.

7 Sins was created by Play’n Go and from the minute the game was released it really did catch the attention of slot punters.

With a brilliant selection of unique features and a surprising theme, it is fair to say that this slot game is certainly one of a kind!

The way this slot game has been developed is awesome too, as we previously mentioned, the graphics on this slot really are epic and the best thing about them is the quality!

One of the main things which really impressed me about 7 Sins was the terrific responsiveness on this slot.

For me personally, the responsiveness of a slot game is very important and Play’n Go have clearly managed to make sure that this game has good responsiveness.

So to finish this verdict off, I would say that if you are a huge slots fan and you want to play on a fairly new slot which has lots of cool bonus features and is developed extremely well then make sure that you try out 7 Sins!