A Dark Matter Review

In this slot review we will be giving you all the best information there is to know about the ‘A Dark Matter’ online slot game which was released by Microgaming in October 2019.

Players can bet from a minimum of £0.05 on this cool game and various different devices are compatible, including phones, tablets, computers and laptops as well! Players must make sure that they have a good internet connection in order play.

This Microgaming powered slot game has got 5 reels, 5 paylines and players have the chance to win an eye watering jackpot of £120,000! You will be able to play on A Dark Matter if you have Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung and HTC.

Looks and Feel:

I think that playing on slot games these days has got many advantages and finding a game which has a top appearance is great. A Dark Matter is a well-developed Victorian themed slot which has a unique appearance and I genuinely do feel that it is one of the best features that this slot has to offer and in this part of the review we will be giving you all the information you need to know about it.

So as you know, this Microgaming developed slot is Victorian themed and that theme was easy to notice right from the start. As soon as I entered this prestige slot game, I instantly saw a dark and cold colour theme which assured me that I was on the right slot.

The main colours which have been used throughout this game are black, blue and gold which in my opinion automatically give off that Victorian theme which everybody expects from a slot game like A Dark Matter.

The characters and icons on this slot are all very different, they include an old man with a grey beard and top hat, Victorian aged lady, animals and also old-fashioned weapons too such as rustic guns and bats.

The layout on this unique slot is excellent in my opinion and I personally feel that it brings out the best in the slot because it makes it look tidy and neat whilst also helping the player have a calm experience.

Now when it comes to tying out new slot games, I tend to want my chosen slots to be the very best in every single aspect and because of that, the feel has to be of top quality too because it is one of the most crucial features by far!

Luckily for players of A Dark Matter, this Microgaming slot game has got a really good feel to it which makes it an excellent game to play on. Whilst playing on A Dark Matter, I noticed that the responsiveness was awesome all throughout the game, as well as the graphics on both images and animations which are truly insane because they are of the best quality whilst also looking really realistic.

Bonus Features:

When it comes to highly anticipated slot games, we want our players to have the best experience possible and because of that we love to offer the games where you can take advantage of the coolest bonus features which will help you on your slot journey to win big!

Bonus features used to be rare and finding a slot that offered them was like finding a gem however as times have changed, that is no longer the case and bonus features are everywhere because developers know that slot players only want to play on the slots that have good bonus features!

I have always been a fan of bonus features so I was more than happy when I realized that A Dark Matter hosts dozens of phenomenal features which are truly brilliant.

We know that it can be hard to choose which bonus to go with so because of that we have decided to give a helping hand by listing the top 5 on A Dark Matter down below.

  • 2x Multiplier on players original stake.
  • Free Spins all throughout the game which the opportunity to double them.
  • Wild Symbol. Used as a substitute for all other symbols which are not worth much.
  • Bonus Rounds Feature.

Return to Player (RTP):

We know that lots of things are classed as important when it comes to investing time and money onto a slot game however the main reason why people plan to play on these games is to win with lots of money!

With this being said, the RTP obviously plays a huge role because it is an estimate of how much money the player may win in a percentage format and luckily for you, we only like to provide our players with good games which offer good payouts!

I am sure you will be glad to find out that A Dark Matter has an RTP of 96.18%.

About the Developer:

In my opinion, the people who develop a slot game are more than important and I am sure that the vast majority of people who play on slots will agree too. Slot developers have a very hard job in perfecting slots and luckily for you, top slot games these days tend to all be developed by top developers who work insanely hard to please the player.

Here are some cool facts about the developer of A Dark Matter.

  • The developer of A Dark Matter is Microgaming.
  • Microgaming have had a head office in the isle of man since 2000.
  • Since 1994, Microgaming have won dozens of slot developer winners awards.
  • In May 2016, Microgaming released Virtual Reality headset which proved to be a massive hit amongst online gamers.


All in all, A Dark Matter is a phenomenal online slot game to play on and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to play on it because it truly is a real joy. The amount of features which are certainly more than spectacular are great and I think that it is one of the best Microgaming slot games to ever exist.

The overall theme is marvelous, it is unique, different, fun to play and very exciting. In addition to this, the amount of bonus features and jackpots which are available to new players and existing players is absolutely brilliant. There is so much money to be won and you can expect to be a big winner when playing on this awesome slot.

I personally think that the overall development is excellent and the features make it a pleasure to play on, so you must check out A Dark Matter if you want to have lots of fun whilst also potentially winning large sums of money!