Alchymedes Review

In January 2017, gaming development giants Yggdrasil decided to launch Alchymedes, one of their best games to date which is based on a science theme with various different top elements and we have put this review together so you can find out everything about the slot and why you should invest your time and money into it!

Alchymedes has 5 reels, 30 paylines and many huge jackpots which can assist players in leaving the game with their pockets full to the max!

This game can be played on several different devices, including smartphones, laptops and also tablets.

In order to play Alchymedes, you must have a device that is compatible with the game and an established internet connection.

This Yggdrasil developed slot game is supported on various different platforms, such as Apple and Android. The supported browsers that can work with this game include internet explorer, chrome, safari and firefox.

Players can enjoy this slot via the mobile phone app which is absolutely free to download or via internet explorer.

The app is mainly popular for those who want to play whilst on the go, whereas the browser version is aimed at those who don’t mind playing via a computer/laptop and do not want to play via the app as it takes up too much storage on their mobile phone.

The Alchymedes slot game is aimed at slot fans all around the world and players have the option to change the language on the game. Simply click on the flag icon and select your preferred language. Common languages which are available on Alchymedes include Spanish, French, English and Italian.

Looks and Feel:

Alchymedes is a Yggdrasil online slot game which has a theme which is immensely different from the vast majority of Yggdrasil developed slots out there. This game has a mysterious science theme which is jam packed with wizards, potions and treasure chests!

On this slot, there isn’t one main character, infact there are various different characters all of which you will see once you get onto the slot and they all represent different things and in addition to this they all will assist the player in one way or another.

When I first entered the slot, I instantly noticed a bearded wizard who had quite a mysterious look about him, he was dressed in the typical wizard attire and had various different props which related well to his character.

Common colours used on Alchymedes include green, brown, orange and also blue. Many different icons can be spotted throughout the slot too, including books, treasure chests, potions and much more!

This slot game has a typical Yggdrasil layout, with the bet lines, coin values and balance all displayed in a clear format on the homepage, whereas contact info, commissions and payment methods can all be seen towards the bottom of the main page.

When I first found out that this slot was developed by Yggdrasil, I was more than happy because I have had good experiences with their slots and if you are familiar with Yggdrasil you will know that they are renowned for the good feel that their slots have!

The Alchymedes online slot game has a feel that is totally terrific, I can navigate around the slot vey easily without any issues such as freezing occurring and I also found that the responsiveness was insanely quick! With a very fast responsiveness and a smooth feel, I couldn’t be happier!

Another feature which brought a beaming smile to my face was how clear the graphics were. The images were beyond crisp and the resolution is of the finest quality. To add to this, the animations are also of a high quality and they work tremendously well with the slot!

The soundtracks on the game are also another positive which I am impressed with. The soundtracks and also the sound effects that can be heard all around the slot itself are all relevant to the theme and what this game is about, so I have to say I am certainly pleased overall!

Bonus Features:

Providing our readers with the best info is what we love to do and helping out is in our nature! With this being said, we think that it is only right for us to give you an insight on what bonus features you should expect to find when playing on the Alchymedes online slot game.

Take a look at the short yet informative list below!

  • Wild Symbols: There are loads of wild symbols on Alchymedes and they are extremely useful because they substitute for other symbols which aren’t worth as much in order to give players an enhanced chance of winning large!
  • Multipliers: The Multipliers will multiply your winnings by a chosen amount. This is a great feature which can totally enhance your slot experience so make sure you look out for them!
  • Jackpot: The Jackpot on this slot is 500 coins.

Return to Player (RTP):

We know that the RTP is something which is very important to our slot players and because of this, we only recommend the best slots with the best RTP’s which will give our readers a great chance of winning big money!

Alchymedes has an RTP of 96.1%.

About the Developer:

As you know, Alchymedes is a Yggdrasil developed slot game and we have listed a few facts about the development giants down below so be sure to take a look at them and enhance your knowledge!

  • Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd was founded in 2013.
  • Slot games developed by Yggdrasil Gaming are officially licensed and regulated with official companies such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UKGC.
  • In 2013, Cherry AB were announced as the majority owners of Yggdrasil.


Alchymedes is a magnificent Yggdrasil slot game which I have truly fell in love with! This game is of the highest quality in every single aspect, from the graphics, to the responsiveness, jackpots and even the payouts!

Be sure to play on Alchymedes, one of the best games to play on in 2019 with huge jackpots, hours of fun and massive payouts guaranteed!