Asgard Review

Asgard is a great online slot game and in this review, you will be learning everything about it and what cool stuff it has to offer!

This is a Pragmatic Play released slot which was has been around been turning plenty of heads since June 2018.

Asgard has 25 betways, 5 reels and minimum bet amount of £0.25. This slot has been very popular over the past year and you will find out everything there is to know about it in this immensely informative review.

You can play on this slot if you have a stable internet connection and a device which is compatible with the game, compatible devices include iPhones, Android phones, Laptops and also Tablets.

Players can win a maximum amount of 156250 coins when playing on Asgard.

This slot is a Pragmatic Play developed slot and with this means plenty of popularity! Luckily for slot players, this game can be played in various different countries.

Some of the most common countries that Asgard can be played in include Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, France and England.

Looks and Feel:

This slot is a mythical themed slot which is very majestic as well as unique and I have to say that it looks totally fabulous!

The main theme on this game is Ancient Greece and the entire game holds this theme which I think is brilliant for a variety of reasons.

There are lots of reasons as to why I have fallen in love with Asgard however I must start off with saying that I am a huge fan of the uniqueness that this slot holds.

The theme is something which you probably have never seen on a slot and the developers have perfected it to a point which makes the slot look purely stunning!

Various different Greek icons can be seen on the slot, not only on the homepage but on other pages too.

The colours are very magical, they include electric blue, green, red and gold too! The characters on this slot have different props which enhance the overall theme which is tremendous in my opinion.

When you get onto the Asgard slot game, you will come across characters who are holding swords/shields, wearing crowns etc which displays the Ancient Greek theme very nicely.

The graphics are insanely crisp on this slot and this is demonstrated on the animations and images throughout the game.

Playing on a slot game has lots of advantages and if you play regularly on slots then you will certainly know this.

Having a slot that looks good is great and it is a marvelous feature for any slot to have, however the overall feel of the slot is just as important too!

Asgard looks wonderful and to make matters better, it is also a slot which feels brilliant too!

One of the easiest things to do on this slot is navigation which is smooth and also fast. This game has a great responsiveness too which is always nice to have.

Bonus Features:

We know that the slots we give reviews on have to be the very best because we have plenty of huge slot fans that want the top information on the slots that offer the greatest bonuses!

Bonus features are very important and there are several reasons for this, not only can they enhance the experience for the player but they can also help in winning large amounts of money too!

There are dozens of bonus features, jackpots and promotions on Asgard and they are all fabulous!

Listed below are a few of the most popular bonus features which you will find on this awesome slot.

  • Free Spins: On Asgard, you will find 4 different types of free spins features, they include multipliers and wilds.
  • Autoplay feature: the autoplay feature will reward the player with a maximum amount of 100 spins.
  • Scatters: If the player lands 5 scatters they will receive 1250x of their initial stake.

Return to Player (RTP):

There are plenty of things which are crucial when it comes to playing on online slot games but winning great amounts of money is something which is a priority for most players and because of this, slots which have high RTP’s are in high demand!

High RTP’s are great and Asgard has an RTP of 96.48%.

About the Developer:

Asgard is a lovely online slot which has caught the attention of millions in the online slot industry in just over a years’ time and with the popularity of the slot being so large, I can only see it getting even bigger!

This is a game which has plenty of awesome features and the developers have obviously worked very hard on it to ensure it is the best it can be!

As you know, the developers of Asgard are Pragmatic Play and because we love providing our readers with good information, we thought we would list some interesting facts about the world-renowned development giants down below.

  • Pragmatic Play was created in 2015.
  • There are over 190 games that are developed by Pragmatic Play.
  • Slots developed by Pragmatic Play hold licenses from companies such as the UKGC and the Curacao Gaming Control.
  • The Pragmatic Play headquarters is in Malta.


Asgard is an awesome online slot game, there are lots of great things about it and in this part of the review we will be finishing off with the verdict which will round up the review.

So, all in all, Asgard is a very well-developed game which Pragmatic Play have managed to do some fabulous work on.

This game has so much, and it is more than obvious to see why it has excelled so much!

This is a game which has many bonus features, including free spins and also jackpots.

You can also expect to have a great chance of winning large sums of money on Asgard too as the RTP is marvellous!

Overall, Asgard is a great slot which has been developed by a reliable developer which also has plenty of top features and bonuses so be sure to give it a go!