Asgardian Stones Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Asgardian Stones was released on the 19th of February 2018 and it is a very well-developed video slot which has a Nordic theme and is based on the Historic city of Asgard.

Asgardian Stones is infact a slot game which is powered by the well-known gaming software company NetEnt, and this slot game can also be played on both mobile devices as well as tablets. Asgardian Stones has got 20 paylines and 5 reels.

Looks & Feel:

Along with many other slot players, I personally feel that the looks and feel of a slot is very important and when I come across a slot game that looks good and also feels good too, I tend to be more interested and therefore I will play on it more.

It is crucial that the creators of slot games make sure that the looks and feel of the slot is the very best it can be and I am very pleased to say that the look and feel of Asgardian Stones is fabulous too and NetEnt have done a splendid job in terms of making sure that this slot game is the best is possibly can be.

Below, you will be able to find a detailed review on what I think about the looks and also the feel of Asgardian Stones.

So as you already know, Asgardian Stones has a very Nordic theme to it and this is visible from the first minute that the player enters the game.

The background is very med evil and certain colours have obviously been chosen to demonstrate this on the slot. The most common colours on this slot are grey and black however a cloudy blue sky can also be seen on this game too.

In order to continue the Nordic theme, the title of this slot is displayed in a format which looks quite old fashioned and dated. Various different Rocks, Volcanos and Stones can all be seen on Asgardian Stones.

Now lets move onto the feel of Asgardian Stones. So at first, I did not really know what to expect in terms of the feel because NetEnt slot games are quite known for being inconsistent in a sense that some games have a great feel whilst others don’t.

Luckily, Asgardian Stones does actually have a decent feel and I did infact feel quite comfortable whilst playing on the slot.

Maneuvering around a slot is very important for me and luckily this slot game is very easy to maneuverer around and the responsiveness is also tremendous too and exceptionally fast! Overall, the feel of Asgardian Stones is really good and I would rate it 9/10.

Bonus Features:

I really am a slot fanatic and one of the best things I like about signing up to a new slot game is the wonderful amount of bonus features that I can choose from!

Bonus features really are fantastic and these days finding a slot that offers bonuses is not hard at all and luckily Asgardian Stones also has a fairly decent range of bonus features!

Free Spins: Asgardian Stones players can potentially win up to 15 free spins on the free spins feature and, on the bonus, wheel a maximum of 25 free spins can be won.

Colossal Symbols: Whilst playing on Asgardian Stones, there is eight symbols which you should be looking out for and all of these symbols can appear as colossal symbols and also take up up to 4 places on a reel.

Royal Symbols: Asgardian Stones has a few different royal symbols, these are ‘Q, A, and K’. All 3 royal symbols will pay the user 30x the bet. Royal Symbols can also assist the player in winning the jackpot.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP for Asgardian Stones is 96.31%,

About the Developer:

As you may already know, I am a huge online slot lover and all types of slots interest me and I am always willing to try out the latest and newest slots whatever the weather!

When I first heard about Asgardian Stones, I was raring to go as I had never come across a slot game that had such a unique and mysterious theme so I really could not wait to try it out!

As soon as I got onto the Asgardian Stones slot, I was very pleased and the first thing that came to my mind was that I had to pay respect to the developer because after all it is their hard work and effort which has allowed this slot to be so great!

So Asgardian Stones is developed by NetEnt which I am sure you already know because this was stated earlier on.

Now NetEnt are arguably the biggest online gaming development company in the world right now and this has been the case for quiet some years due to their consistent fabulous work and the great slots that they are known for developing.

Having been founded in 1996, this awesome company are more than experienced and over the years they have gone on to become true giants in gaming development.

The head office is based in Sweden however they have offices all around the world. NetEnt really are on top of their game right now and they have some of the very best slots in the industry, so make sure you keep your eyes open and look out for all of the latest NetEnt slot releases!


So as I have already explained briefly before hand, I really did not no what to expect from Asgardian Stones because it was my first time playing on a NetEnt slot which had a Nordic theme and I must say that I actually was really impressed!

Now the first thing that struck me was the development of the slot and the layout which is truly exceptional.

The layout looks absolutely brilliant and everything which is regarded as important on this slot is very easy to view.

The responsiveness as well as the overall feel is also totally epic and, in my opinion, it is for sure one of the very best features!

To round off this verdict, I would say that you should certainly go for this slot if you are looking to play on a well-established game which looks great, feels good and also pays out big!