Astro Legends Review

Astro Legends is a world-renowned online slot game which has 20 paylines. The minimum amount which players can place on a bet is £0.10 whereas the maximum amount is £100 per bet.

This is a popular slot which has a 1980s retro theme along with a unique space theme too which makes it an entertaining slot game to play on.

You can play on Astro Legends from a variety of devices as long as your chosen device is compatible and there is a well-established internet connection.

Devices which can be used to play on Astro Legends include tablets, mobile phones, computers and laptops. Players can use both Android and iOS devices to play on Astro Legends.

As well as playing on the game via the desktop version, there is also a mobile phone app too which is free for players to download.

When playing on the Astro Legends online slot game, you will come across a wide range of payment methods which are accepted for players to withdraw and deposit funds.

Payment methods which are accepted on this slot are all displayed at the bottom of the homepage.

Regular payment methods such as debit cards and visa cards are accepted along with E-wallets too which have become increasingly popular in the slot industry over the past several years.

Popular E-wallets that can be used on Astro Legends include Boku, PayPal and Neteller.

Looks and Feel:

There are dozens of awesome things about Astro Legends and in this review, you will learn about all of them because we aim to provide our readers with the best information on our extremely informative slot reviews!

Playing on Astro Legends has plenty of terrific advantages and the appearance of the game is certainly one of those advantages which is fantastic to say the least!

As you know, this slot game has an 80s theme about it and I saw this from the minute I got onto the slot, big haired characters, funky dance moves, pop songs and bright colours can all be seen all over this slot.

In terms of the colours, all the colours that can be seen on the slot are very bright, with the main ones being bright blue and purple.

The layout is also very good, total winnings information and additional information regarding the developers etc can all clearly be seen on the homepage of the slot.

The main characters on this spectacular slot game can be seen wearing typical 80s themed outfits, along with props such as giant afro hairstyles and electric guitars.

In all honesty, I really love this because I feel that it enhances the theme of the slot and what it represents.

Slot developers try their best these days to make sure their slots are near enough perfect and I have to say that the developers of this slot have pretty much done exactly that because the appearance is fabulous as well as the feel which is equally as good!

Getting around the Astro Legends slot felt awesome, it was fun and I felt at total ease.

The feel is really good and I am extremely glad about that because it makes it a fun and nice slot to lay on, something which I look for on all slot games that I play on.

In my opinion, Astro Legends has one of the best responsiveness’s that I have ever seen on a slot game.

Not only is it insanely fast but it is of a superior quality which really does stand out. This makes the slot 10x better and I totally love it!

Bonus Features:

These days, slot games are becoming more and more popular by the day with thousands of people investing their money, time and effort on these wonderful games on a daily basis in hope of winning some big amounts of money!

In order to help players with their hope of winning big, slots now tend to offer various different bonuses which are there to help players out in many different ways.

Bonus features can all vary nowadays and they all come in different forms, shapes and sizes!

Here are a few of the best bonus features that you can expect to find on Astro Legends.

  • Multiplier Wild Symbol: This symbol will reward the player with a multiplier of x2 – x5.
  • Free Spins: Free Spins are gifted to the player when they manage to get a winning combination.
  • Stardust Collection Bonus: The stardust collection bonus will allow the player to collect points and land special symbols onto the reels.

Return to Player (RTP):

Astro Legends is a slot game which has taken the online gaming world by storm, this game has lots of top features and you can certainly expect to win lots of cash as the RTP is an astonishing 96.4%.

About the Developer:

There are dozens upon dozens of great things about this immensely well-developed slot game and in my opinion, it is one of the bests lots available to play on at the moment.

The developer of this fabulous slot is Foxium and we have decided to list some cool facts about the popular slot developer down below so be sure to check them out!

  • Foxium was established in 2015.
  • As of 2019, Foxium have more than 90 designers.
  • The CEO of Foxium is Amanda Peterson.
  • The Foxium headquarters is in Estonia.
  • Players can get in contact with Foxium via telephone, live chat and email.


Overall, Astro Legends is a top quality online slot game with plenty of cracking features.

This slot holds everything which is needed for a world class slot, from the layouts, to the designs, jackpots and even the way it runs.

This is a marvelous slot game which I would certainly recommend to any avid online slot player who is looking for a reliable and fun game to get playing on.

So to win big, have lots of fun and take advantage of some cool bonuses then be sure to play on Astro Legends!