Astro Pug Review

Astro Pug was created in September 2018 and this slot review will teach you everything about the game, so you know just what to expect when playing on.

This game is based on a superhero pug and it can be played on a number of different devices, some of which include tablets, ipods, smartphones and also laptops.

Astro Pug has 1296 paylines, 8 reels and a good RTP which has made it a big hit amongst slot players.

Looks and Feel:

Astro Pug is a marvellous slot game which is certainly jaw-dropping to say the least!

This game is based on a cute fluffy pug who is very adventurous and during the game the player will be following the ambitious pug on his spectacular travels.

It is an oriental themed slot game, and this is very clear to see from the appearance and in this part of the review we will be giving you some information on the how Astro Pug looks and what type of appearance you should expect from it.

Once you land onto the Astro Pug slot game you will see the main pug character who looks very animated and cartoony with his bright big eyes and a tongue which is dangling from one side of his mouth!

The pug is wearing a cape and looks very jolly which is a great sight to see!

The colours used are bright and they are very oriental themed, colours such as gold, blue and orange can be seen on the game along with florescent patterns which really do bring out then overall theme in my opinion.

The slot table itself is fairly large which is good because it is clear to see, and the text is reasonably sized too.

In the background, you will notice fireworks, unique designs and cool icons which look spectacular.

The coin range amount is situated on the bottom left, the total bet amount is towards the top of the slot’s homepage whilst the FAQ, T&C’s and payment methods are placed at the bottom of the slot in a neat format.

Astro Pug is a slot game that feels good to be on and this made me very happy because having a good-looking slot is pointless if the feel is bad!

Luckily, Astro Pug has a fabulous feel and I had a splendid time when navigating around the game. I

n addition to this, the game has a responsiveness which is very quick, so I was not left waiting for a long time in order for my chosen page/tab to load up.

All in all, Astro Pug has impressed me in terms of the looks and feel, both of these features on this slot is terrific so the creators of the slot do deserve praise!

Astro Pug looks very attractive, it is good looking, has a very unique theme and also has been developed brilliantly too!

The feel is magnificent too, it is smooth and gives the player a very comfortable gaming experience when on the slot.

Bonus Features:

Our Slotsino readers are very valuable to us and we want to make sure that you guys learn lots of information when reading our slot reviews.

Covering the bonus features on slot reviews is something we always do because we know it is helpful and many players anticipate it.

Here are a few of my personal favourite bonus features on Astro Pug.

Mega Spin: The Mega Spin feature will cover 16 positions on the reels, and they will make all 16 positions wild.

Free Spins: To win a maximum of 12 free spins you will need to land at least 5 scatter symbols.

Wild Pug Symbol: The Wild Pug Symbol will act as a substitute for every symbol on the game apart from the wilds and scatters. This symbol will only appear on reels 2 and 4.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP for Astro Pug is 95.72%.


Astro Pug is a splendid slot game which is one of the best slot games I have come across this year for sure!

Astro Pug has a variety of bonuses, top features and lots more as well as big payouts and cool designs so make sure you try it out!