Blackjack Classic Review & Free Play

Blackjack Classic Review:

The Blackjack Classic game was created and released by the Net Entertainment company. This game makes use of four decks of cards, and each of those decks of cards contains 52 of the standard playing cards. Players will be able to play with as many as five hands at a time or as little as one hand at a time. The min amount that can be bet on each hand is £1.00 and the max amount that is able to be bet on each hand is £40.00. This means that a player can bet a max of £200.00 by playing five hands.

The Net Entertainment company was first started in the 1996 year, and has since then been coming out with games that have thrilled every player who has played them. Of course, they have had over 20 years of experience with creating their masterpieces and they will continue to create their famous games for many years to come. Let’s see if this game stands up to the high standards of their normal games.

Looks & Feel:

Players will find that this game is actually very simple and it comes with a very easy to understand set of rules. The basic goal of the game is going to be to beat the hand of the dealer. Players are able to do this by getting a hand that has 21 points, or by getting a hand that is closer to 21 points that the dealer’s hand is. Players are also able to win if the dealer goes over 21, or busts. Players have a slight advantage over the dealer with this game being that they are able to continue drawing after 17, but he is not able to do so.

Bonus Features:

Natural Blackjack: A Natural Blackjack is able to occur when the first two cards that are dealt are an Ace and a 10. The payout for this will be 3:2, and the Natural Blackjack will always be able to defeat any hand that has more than two cards (even if that hand is exactly 21).

Splitting: Players are able to decide to split their hand if the first 2 cards in their hand have values that are the same. Players will only be able to split a hand once during the game, and if they do this, the value of their initial wager will then double.

Doubling: After the time that a player has been given their first two cards, they are able to double their wager if they wish to do so. After they have done this, they will be given another card to add to their hand. However, doing this will mean that the player will not be able to get any more cards added to that hand.

Blackjack Classic RTP:

The Blackjack Classic game has a 99.57% RTP. This RTP is certainly above average and players should be taking advantage of it.


Blackjack Classic is certainly a game that everyone has to play, the RTP is beyond great and the game allows a player to have five hands at once.