Blackjack Lucky Ladies Slot Review & Free Play

Blackjack Lucky Ladies Review:

With there being many blackjack games online there are only so many ways that game developers are able to make their game different from the rest. That is why the developers have started to add unique side bet options to their games to make a big difference. Of course, there is always the option of varying with the rules, type of interface, and such, but those ways are just too small for a player to even care about them.

With the Lucky Ladies Blackjack game from the NYX Gaming company, players will see that there is more than one difference. This game has even combined the rules of the American version and the European version of rules in order to make a hybrid that is actually really fun to play. However, the thing that makes this game so unique is the Lucky Ladies bonus bet option.

Looks & Feel:

This game makes a unique mix of the American and European versions of the game. So, players that have played either of those versions of the game will probably find this game to be pretty simple to figure out.

With this game, the cards are going to be given to players via a shoe that holds six decks of the standard playing cards (with each deck containing 52 cards). During the beginning of the game, players will be asked to make their bets on as many as three hands. Each hand that a player has is going to be handled separately. Of course, every hand that you find is also going to give the player the option of choosing a side bet.

Bonus Features:

Lucky Ladies Side Bet: Along with any of the standard moves that a player has during the game they will also have to option of going with the Lucky Ladies Side Bet. Players will see that they are able to make this bet only once for every hand that they are playing because this bet is going to be resolved based entirely on the cards that a player first starts out with. If you didn’t already guess based on the name of the bet the queens are going to be the best cards that a player is able to have for this bonus. However, players will find that totals of 20 are also going to be good with this bonus.

Players that are able to match suits or exact cards, or getting two queens of hearts will be seeing that they have a monster payout coming to them. Any queen is going to end in a payout of Even Money. Any Twenty is going to end in a payout of 3/1. A Suited Twenty is going to end in a payout of 10/1. A Matched Twenty is going to end in a payout of 30/1. Finally, Two Queens of Hearts are going to end in a payout of 100/1.

Blackjack Lucky Ladies RTP:

The Blackjack Lucky Ladies game has a 94% RTP. This RTP is lower than average and players should make sure that they know what they are doing before they play this game.


The Blackjack Lucky Ladies game is certainly unique from the rest with the bonus side bet, however, the RTP is quite low. Overall, it is a game that is highly recommended for professionals.