Blackjack Lucky Lucky Slot Review & Free Play

Blackjack Lucky Lucky Review:

Many players are in need of a lot of luck when they are heading to the casino, and many players actually do rely on superstition in order to make sure that lady luck is indeed on their side during a game. Of course, this means that many players will go around playing games with their lucky charm, lucky friend, or some other lucky object at their side or in their pocket just to make sure that the odds are on their side.

With the Blackjack Lucky Lucky game players will notice that luck is certainly a big part of the theme. Players will still need a little bit of luck though with this game because the game of Blackjack is a game of strategy. With this game players will have a chance to take part in the Lucky Lucky side bet, and we will be getting into that with the bonus features section. Now, let’s see how the NYX Gaming company did with this newest addition to their collection.

Looks & Feel:

For players that are veterans when it comes to playing Blackjack this game will be no different from the rest as far as rules go. For players that are new to this type of game, it is fairly simple to learn and there are only a few things that you will be needing to know to get started. This version of the game is going to be making use of some player-friendly rules as well as making use of some rules that are in favour of the house.

For players that did not already know a game of Blackjack is where the cards are handed out using a shoe of sex decks that each contains the standard playing cards. The basic goal of the game is for a player to get 21 points, or as close to it as they can while beating the hand of the dealer. A player should never go over 21 points or they will bust.

This version of the game will give players the chance to play as many as three hands at a time. During the beginning of each round, a player will be able to place bets on as many as three betting spots. In addition, players will have a chance to make a side bet on any of the hands that they are currently playing.


Bonus Features:

Lucky Lucky: The Blackjack Lucky Lucky game is one that comes with a side bet feature that is certainly interesting. The game is named after this neat little feature. During this feature is one that will take a player’s hand and the first card that is in the dealer’s hand in order to make some combos that can reward a player nicely. For a player to start this feature up they will first have to place a side bet that is going to be as big as they want it to be, but it has to be within the betting limits of the game.

Blackjack Lucky Lucky RTP:

The Blackjack Lucky Lucky game has a 99.58% RTP. This RTP is certainly very high and that means that players should be taking advantage of it.


Blackjack Lucky Lucky not only comes with a very good RTP, but it also comes with a bonus feature that makes winning feel 10 times better.