Blackjack Perfect Pairs Slot Review & Free Play

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Review

One of the most popular online blackjack games, Perfect Pairs, allows players the ability to place bets on various matches that may arise during the game. Several different developers have released versions of the game. Felt Gaming developed this particular version. As one of the most popular blackjack games of its kind, Blackjack Perfect Pairs provides a fresh new approach to blackjack. Felt Gaming is known for their card games, which tend to take a fresh approach to the game with each new release.

Looks & Feel:

Perfect Pairs is built around the American blackjack rules. The game uses 6 decks of regular playing cards, with the Jokers removed.  Usually, in brick and mortar casinos, the decks of cards are kept in special place and are only used one at a time. In Perfect Pairs, however, the dealers use them each and every time he deals. The purpose of the game is to receive a payout, and there are many ways to get this done. You can win by beating the dealer according to the traditional blackjack rules, without exceeding 21 points. You can also win if the dealer busts, exceeding 21 points. There is also an insurance feature as well as bonus bets. The bet amounts range between 0.1 to 500 credits.

There are extra rules in Perfect Pairs that aren’t part of the normal Blackjack ruleset. For example, at the beginning of each round, the dealer gives the player and himself two cards while revealing one of his own. The amounts winnable follow the following ratio: 1:1 on a regular win against the dealer, 3:2 on a win by blackjack and 2:1 on a win by insurance. It is possible for the right player to reach a payout of up to 99.63% provided they play right.


Bonus Features:

Players can put bonus bets on any of their active boxes, with the exception of their main box. These additional bets range from 0.1 credits to 250. Players receive a payoff when their first two cards match. There is no progressive jackpot in Perfect Pairs, although the game provides many other ways to increase your winnings. The game’s interface is pretty clean, with a central control panel that contains the majority of the buttons used to control the game. These buttons include a new game button, a button to double your bets (called Rebet) and a button to deal the next hand. Placing a bet involved dropping the right amount of chips, or credits, into the round.


Blackjack Perfect Pairs RTP:

Blackjack has long been one of those games that hardcore players play to win. Because of their hopes of winning and taking home a big payout, these players are often interested in knowing the games RTP, or Return To Player percentage. With an RTP of 96%, Perfect Pairs has a slightly higher than average RTP.



The game is pretty much the exact same Blackjack as we all know and love, with a few extra ways to earn a payout added in. The game’s user interface is very intuitive, making it super simple to get started right away. As long as you know the basic rules of blackjack, it should be very easy to get started.