Blackjack Professional High Review, RTP & Free Play

Blackjack Professional High Limit Review & Free Play:

This Blackjack Professional Series High Limit game is powered by Net Entertainment, who are one of the best casino game developers in the industry. For this reason, we have high expectations of this casino game that they have produced. This is another variation of blackjack, which is a bit more complicated than the standard rules of European blackjack, however, there is still a basis of rules to follow.

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular casino games. That is why it is great to have variations of the original game, because it allows for more excitement and entertainment. Blackjack Professional Series is a game that can be played in both brick and mortar casinos and also land casinos.

In this review, we will look at the gameplay features and see whether Netent do this game justice and whether we would recommend this online table game for you to try.

How to Play:

This is a high wagering version of blackjack, where customers wager £40 on each go. You can find players that like to bet low amounts when playing blackjack and this is fine, for that you can play the low limit version of blackjack, However other customers realise that this isn’t for them and they are there to wager high amounts, so the high limit version is created for them.

This version of blackjack has a familiar table lay out to the standard blackjack. There are minimum and maximum betting amounts that are available in the corner of the screen, where you are also able to reduce and increase the betting stake amount. At the top of the game screen is the stack of chips. In this game, the dealer must stand at 17 and draw at 16. Insurance pays 2:1 and blackjack pays 3:2.

The minimum amount that you are able to wager stands at £1 and the maximum that you can wager is £40. The value of the chips is either £1, £5, and £10. There is also a grey chip with a red cross on it and that allows you to clear any bets. You can speed up the gameplay so that you are playing rounds faster.

Once you know the amount you want to bet, then place your chips where you wish and where you want your cards to be dealt. Once you have done this, press the deal button and the dealer will give you some cards. You will be drawn 2 cards for each of the hands that you wish to bet on.

There are different betting options that you are able to place, one of which that is called the “double jack side bet”, this betting type is you predicting that you will be dealt a pair of jacks in one of your hands. If you do so, you will be dealt a higher pay out. Of course, the basic blackjack rules still apply, the aim of the game is to get you cards to add up to 21, but not higher. If you go higher than 21, then you will go bust. In order to get close to 21, there are many betting options that you may wish to take. You could “hit”, this option would make the dealer give you another card for you to add to the current cards you have. You can “stand”, which means you are happy with the cards you have and you wish to keep them, you can “double”, which means that the 2 cards you have been dealt have the same value and you wait to split them into individual goes and try and get 21 on both of them, this doubles your chances of beating the dealer. Then finally there is the “bust” option, which is where you have landed more than 21 and therefore you have lost.

After the dealer has played his cards, pay-outs will be awarded accordingly. The highest pay out that you can win is from landing blackjack. This is automatically classed as a winning hand and you will get 1.5x your betting stake. The same goes for if the dealer is to land blackjack, he will automatically win, and you will lose your betting stake. If you draw with the dealer, then you are rewarded your betting stake back and it is then put onto the next round.

Blackjack Professional High Limit RTP:

The RTP for this game stands at 99.53%, which is incredibly high and is the standard amount for blackjack.


To conclude our thoughts on this blackjack professional high limit series game, we feel that if you are a punter that wants to play blackjack and wager some considerably high amounts, then this is the variation you should go for. This is an excellent play and players can place some high wagering limits in order to land some even bigger wins. Blackjack is and will always be one of the best casino games and one of the fan favourites. It is a game that you can play for hours.

This computerised online blackjack game is applicable on mobile devices, which means that you can play from the convenience of your mobile device. So, if you are a smartphone user or a tablet user, simply locate Slotsino and play this casino game. It runs smoothly and given that you have a stable internet connection, it runs incredibly smoothly. The graphics to this game is excellent and due to the fact that you are not playing against anyone else, it means that you are able to take your time on making decisions and not be rushed, when there are high stakes involved. Whilst you are at Slotsino, check out the other versions of blackjack and see what other variations you can enjoy!