Blackjack Professional Low Review, RTP & Free Play

Blackjack Professional Low Series Review

Blackjack Professional Low Series is a very recommendable online casino game. It is one of the various versions of blackjack that you can find at Slotsino and also that is powered by Net Entertainment. They are an excellent choice of slot developer that have produced a range of blackjack games, all with different rules and betting limits.

This version of the game specifically offers low betting options, which is a great beginning for players that want to experience the game of blackjack and get used to it, before then possibly being comfortable enough to go on and play with high betting amounts. These amounts are lower than what is offered in the original Blackjack pro. Blackjack pro has a minimum betting amount of £1 per hand, however, Blackjack pro low series allows you to bet even lower than this with the minimum bet amount being 10p and the highest betting amount being £5. This is why it is such a good option for beginners, to keep potential losses low.

This is a mobile optimised casino game which means that you can play anywhere, at anytime on the go, from the comfort of your own mobile device. So, if you want to pass some time or you are wondering what quick and easy casino game you can have fun on, this is the right one for you. It is a game where you can take your time and play and leave whenever you want as it is based on single hand rounds.

How to Play:

The rules that apply for this variation of blackjack is the same rule that applies for all forms of this online casino game. The only difference is that you are able to bet lower amounts. This is a computerised version of blackjack, which means that it is all coded and there is no live dealer. However, this does not mean that it is scripted, as regular checks are placed on this online game to ensure that it is fair for players. There are 4 decks of cards used in this game so that players are unable to use the popular blackjack strategy of card counting.

Here is a brief explanation of the blackjack rules and what you need to do in order to win at this game and make profit on your betting stakes. The aim of blackjack is to try and make the sum of your cards add up to 21 or try to get as close to this value without going bust. If you go bust, this means that you have got 22 or more. The dealer will automatically win if you go bust. You have to beat the dealer, the dealer can also go bust, in which case, you will win. If your cards add up to more than the dealers, then you will win that way as well. Also, if you get an automatic blackjack with the first 2 cards you are dealt, you will win straight away. The dealer must stand on 17. If it comes down to it and you and the dealer have the same value of cards, this is then called a push. The stake will pe pushed onto the next set of hands.

Here are the different betting options that you can choose from, when the cards are dealt to you and it is your turn:

  • Stand – If you decide to stand, then you will stick to the cards you have, and you will not be drawn another card for that hand. This means that you are content with the value of your cards and you are happy that this could beat the dealer. Typically, this is used if you have a very good hand that is close to 21 or is 21, or you are potentially worried that the next card to be drawn will make you go bust, so you do not want to risk it.
  • Hit – To some players, this may be known as ‘twist’. This is when you want another card from the dealer, the dealer with then deal you another card faced up on the table. You then add the value of this card to your current cards, then you decide your next move.
  • Split – If the 2 cards that you are drawn from the dealer have the same value, then you can split. This will create 2 different hands and will also take another stake from you; you now have 2 opportunities to hit 21, which gives you a better chance of beating the dealer. If you beat the dealer on both occasions, then you will win double.
  • Double – If the value of your 2 cards equal 9, 10, or 11, then you can double your betting stake for that hand.

Blackjack Professional Low Series Layout:

The layout of this online casino game is kept standard to all of the other Netent Blackjack games. It is laid out in a nice way that is easy for players to understand. Across the bottom of your screen you can see your balance, your betting amount and your winning amount. Covering the whole of the screen is the blackjack table, where you can see all the positions of the table where you can place your betting chips. In the corner of the table you can see where the cards are placed. Simply place your betting chips on the positions in the table and confirm your bet. Cards will then appear on your position for you to then decide what move you want to do next.


This is certainly the best recommendation of blackjack game for beginners due to the low betting amounts. The fact that you can play such a fun and exciting table game and only have to wager as little as 10p per round is excellent.

Blackjack is one of the best casino games and the top-rated game for both online casinos and land casinos. It is one of the first casino games to ever hit the gambling scene and was played before casinos were even a thing. This is a computerised version of the game, which means that you have long periods of time to make your next move. Whereas with live blackjack, you do not have this. It is a nice and simple game that you can play to pass time if you wish.

If you are interested in playing Blackjack Professional Low Series, then sign into Slotsino and start playing!