Bust The Bank Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Bust The Bank Slot Review & Free Play:

Bust The Bank is a heist based video slot created by Microgaming. The slot combined all of the elements needed to create an engaging game that can catch the attention of any player. Bust The Bank has five reels, 243 ways to win and includes unique graphics and a nice soundtrack to add to the overall appeal. While this slot is all about stealing riches, being lucky enough to make off with them, along with the lavish 300x jackpot, has been made easier due to the addition of wild symbols, scatter symbols, the safe bonus, piggy bank bonus, Larry & Bob, and free spins.

Look & Feel:

The look of Bust The Bank is interesting as it takes on the appearance of a metal vault that is nearly impossible to break into. The reels are completely white which makes the symbols, all of which are robbery-related, stand out even more in comparison. While the backdrop is nothing too expansive, the symbols are what makes this slot stand out. This is due to it not using traditional playing card symbols. The advantage visually is that it makes the other symbols stand out more, which is a nice touch. The overall appearance may be a bit simple, but the wins that can be achieved are generous and well-worth the efforts.

The slot plays nicely as there are no notable issues with the animations. While it lacks certain aspects, such an animated 3D graphics or other features commonly seen in other video slots, the simplistic look fits the theme of the slot perfectly. One feature that does make this slot stand out more is the 243 ways to win which are paid for all left to right adjacent combinations.

Bonus Features:

There are several bonuses featured included in Bust The Bank which will help enhance the base game along with increasing the opportunities to generate more wins.

Wild Symbols: The wild is displayed as the logo and will substitute any symbols on the reels, with the exclusion of the special symbols.

Scatter Symbols: The scatter is shown as the bomb and is the triggering symbol for the free spins.

Safe Bonus: While being a smaller bonus, the green safe will open and will empty out coins if it appears on either the first or fifth reels. Any symbols under the safe will have an increased value.

Piggy Bank Bonus: If the piggy bank appears on the third reel, it activates a larger piggy bank appearing in the middle of the reel which will reveal a cash prize when opened.

Larry & Bob: These are the thieves, which on random occasions will run across the reels and leave behind a bonus amount. The amount is chosen at random and can be quite nice at times.

Free Spins: Three or more scatter symbols will trigger this bonus. It will gift eight free spins where both the first and fifth reel will be wild. Any additional scatter won will reward an additional free spin.

Bust The Bank RTP

Bust The Bank has an RTP of 96.75% which is a bit over the average amount. Players will have a higher chance of achieving wins.


Bust The Bank is an enjoyable video slot that takes on a unique twist on the heist concept. The bonuses are what truly made this slot fun as they could easily accumulate and eventually award the desired jackpot of 300x. The most enjoyable feature was the free spins bonus as it increased the chance of winning due to two reels becoming covered in wilds.