Buster Blackjack Review, RTP & Free Play

Buster Blackjack Review:

Blackjack is a game about getting as close to a score of 21 as possible, without going over. The only time anyone truly wants a score to exceed 21 is if it is the dealer doing it. When the dealer busts, then the players win. Felt Gaming designed and developed Buster Blackjack with the idea of making is more profitable when the dealer busts. The game does this by letting the players bet on how over the dealer’s hand will be.

Looks & Feel:

Felt Gaming’s Buster Blackjack is an online American Blackjack game. The dealer gives himself two cards, one of which is face up. Each player gets two face up cards. The basic idea is to end up with a higher score than everyone else, while not exceeding 21 points. Winnings are increased when players bet on how many points over 21 the dealer will bust. The game uses six decks of cards without the Jokers. It is essentially the exact same as the Blackjack played in American casinos. In Buster Blackjack, all six decks are used at the same time.

Players can bet on up to three boxes, with bets as low as 0,10 credits to as many as 500 credits. The credits used are the game’s currency and must be purchased with real-world currency. When the dealer’s up-facing card is either an Ace or worth ten points, he will immediately look at his down-facing card to determine if he has a blackjack or not. If he does, the players aren’t provided with the chance to hit. The game allows for insurance, doubling and splitting, as well.

There are a variety of ratios used to determine the amount of your winnings. The normal box has a 1:1 ratio. Insurance has a 2:1 ratio. Getting a blackjack has a 3:2 ratio.

Bonus Features:

Buster Blackjack allows players to place side bets. These side bets pay off when the dealer busts. The side bets have a maximum bet amount of 250 credits.

The game has a generally clean interface, with all of the buttons one would expect from a Blackjack game. There are buttons for starting a new game, managing your bets, dealing the cards, hitting, staying and splitting. Not all buttons are relevant all the time, but you will notice them when the time comes for them to be used, such as in the case of Insurance.

Before playing, you need to place your bets, which are made easy by the buttons the game provides.

Buster Blackjack RTP:

Buster Blackjack is the type of game that draws the players looking to win money. These players are interested in the game’s RTP. Buster Blackjack returns 98.3% of the player’s winnings to the player. The difference is kept by the house.


Buster Blackjack is a great blackjack game, and the side bets are a wonderful addition. They aren’t as profitable as the main bets, however, they are still quite fun to make. Besides, with how easy it is to bust, there is a good chance to increase your earnings slightly by using them. The pay ratios are pretty high in the game as well, and the RTP is one of the highest around.