Candy Bars Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Candy Bars Slot Review

IGT have produced a wealth of quality online casino titles over the years and although Candy Bars isn’t their most recognised of all time, it’s still a great slot game for players to add to their ever-growing portfolios. The theme for this game is incredibly straightforward and if you have a sweet tooth, you’re in the right place; as Candy Bars is an IGT special for everyone out there that love all things sugary. The game is available on all desktop platforms including PC and Mac, meaning nobody is left behind due to their technological affiliations. The game is also playable from your favourite browser, so downloading additional software is not required for this online slot machine.

Looks & Feel:

For a candy themed online slot game, you can’t go wrong with what IGT are offering and this is one of their more attractive looking games. Vibrant colours and simplistic aesthetics are amongst this entry’s redeeming qualities and it won’t be long before you become engrossed in Candy Bars.

This slot is a 5-reel that contains a total of 50 paylines that are fixed and spread across the 4 different rows. The game is certainly a breath of fresh air when compared to more conventional slot games and all the symbols that you will find can appear stacked on the reels, allowing players to score some huge winning combinations. Some of the symbols consist of purple candies, green candies, red & white striped candies, blue 7’s and red 7’s.

The game features a wild icon that works slightly differently to what you might be used to. The wild is a 2x icon and this will only appear on the second and third reels. Once it does appear it will double any win where you make a winning combination with the wild. Making a winning combination with 2 of the wilds will multiply the winnings of that combo by 4x.

Bonus Features:

Blackout Wins: When you manage to match symbols over the entire reels and the payout value is then worth anywhere between 5000x and 25000x your stake. Sadly, any combinations using the wild icons will not contribute towards the blackout win feature.

Progressive Jackpot: In total, Candy Bars has 3 progressive jackpots available for players to win. These are divided up into foodie terms, such as Snack Size, King Size and Giant Size. These jackpots are won when you manage to land a chocolatey background imagine on the second, third, fourth reels or all 3 of them together.

The Snack Size Jackpot – Players will need to land the chocolate background on reel 2.

The King Size Jackpot – Players will need to land the chocolate background on reel 2 and 3.

The Giant Size Jackpot – Players will need to land the chocolate background on reel 2, 3 and 4.

Candy Bars RTP %:

The payout percentage for Candy Bars is 94.8%. There are plenty more slots out there with a higher payout rate if that is something that you are specifically looking for. All in all, it isn’t going to affect you that much and if you enjoy sweetie themed slot games, this shouldn’t deter you.


This game plays out quite well and you must commend IGT for doing something slightly different in a genre where lots of games have become too similar. The progressive jackpot is a nice touch and the blackout wins is a great way to receive a lucrative payout for your efforts.