Classic Roulette Review & Free Play

Classic Roulette Review:

The Extreme Live Gaming company has been known for the Extreme amounts of effort that they put into the games they produce. The company focuses mainly on their live games and slot games. The Classic Roulette game is a game developed and released by the Extreme Live Gaming company. This game was created to present the players with a classic version of the game that they have all come to know and love. If you have ever played any version of this game then you already know that the game is very easy to understand as well as being very addicting to play.

In addition, players will notice that they will have no troubles playing this game if they have played any version of the game previously. There are many different versions of the game that have already been released. However, players will find that this game follows along with the rules that come from the European single zero version of the game. Players will see that this game has the numbers 0 to 36 for the numbered slots. Similar to the games of Blackjack and baccarat the game Roulette has become very popular in the online casinos as well as the land-based casinos. This is a game that relies heavily on luck, and that is what makes everyone love the game so much.

Looks & Feel:

In 2013, Darwyn Palenzuela founded the Extreme Live Gaming company. This man created his company to make Live Casino games that players would because of their high quality and their amazing graphics. With this game that they have just come out with they are attempting to make sure that every player is immersed in the game. Of course, that means that they are trying to make sure that every player feels as though they are playing at a land-based casino rather than online from the comfort of their own home.

With this game of Roulette, players will be seeing that there are many odds that are going to be paired up with every win. Everything is going to be based on the type of bet that the player has chosen for the game.

Bonus Features:

Special Bets & Racetrack Bets: Players will find that this game allows them to use the special bets as well as letting them place the Racetrack bets. Players will even find that the statistics of the spins prior to theirs have been written down for the players to look at so that they can see if their bet is a smart one or not.

Classic Roulette RTP:

The Classic Roulette game has a 99.39% RTP. This RTP is actually pretty great and players should certainly be taking advantage of it.


Classic Roulette is a game that was developed by the Extreme Live Gaming company and it is certainly worth testing out. Even though this game may not come with a lot of bonus features there are still many reasons (such as the great RTP) to play this game.