Coins of Egypt Review

Coins of Egypt is yet another great NetEnt developed video slot which has 5 reels and 20 paylines. As you would have probably guessed from the name, Coins of Egypt is an Egyptian themed slot, however once you get playing you will realize that it is very different in comparison to all the other Egyptian themed slot games out there.

This NetEnt slot game truly is extremely striking and it offers the player lots of exclusive features and in this detailed review you will be able to find out everything there is to know about the slot.

Looks & Feel:

Coins of Egypt is an excellent Egyptian themed slot which really does stand out from their competitors and there is so many different reasons for this.

The looks and the feel of the this well-developed NetEnt slot game really is fabulous and I must say that both of these features are certainly 2 of the very best features about this slot game.

To help you out and give you an insight on what you should expect from the Coins of Egypt Slot upon entering it, we have decided to form a brief yet detailed explanation about the looks and feel of the slot which can be found below.

So to start off with, I would say that the looks/appearance of this slot game is really good and I was quite surprised at first because I did not think that NetEnt would be able to pull off another Egyptian themed slot without sharing similarities to the previous ones, however they managed to do so and they have proved me wrong as Coins of Egypt has no similarities to any other Egyptian themed slots and it really is in its own lane with everything being absolutely original!

As expected, the theme is fairly rustic and very ancient which does look quite appealing and surely capturers the players attention. Various Egyptian characters can be seen throughout the slot, including Pharaohs and Medusa as well as Zeus.

Once you get comfortable with the game, you will notice that it features a variety of bright light, eye catching images/animations as well as big texts which are all bound to grab the attention of the player. The looks and appearance on Coins of Egypt deserves a solid 9/10.

Now in terms of the feel on Coins of Egypt, I was not surprised in the slightest when I realized that the feel was glorious. For many years, NetEnt have been developing slot games and they have built up a reputation for creating games that have a good feel to them, so I was expecting this slot to have a good feel to it and I certainly was not let down.

As you probably may already know, many different elements go into making sure the overall feel of a slot game is good and for me personally, the navigation is extremely important and is for sure one of the main features that needs to be spot on.

The navigation on Coins of Egypt is extremely wonderful and the ease of it is even better! Navigating around this terrific slot game is not only comfortable and smooth but it is also very easy to do! Overall, I would give the feel of this slot game an 8/10.

Bonus Features:

Nowadays, pleasing online slot punters can be quite a task and being successful at it is something that many developers fail to do, due to the fact that slot players tend to now have high demands and want to get as much as they can out of the slot and bonus features is one of the main things that slot players usually demand.

Coins of Egypt certainly will not let you down in the bonus features department as they have plenty of them so you are covered for sure! Below are some of the very best bonus features which you can get your hands on whilst playing on Coins of Egypt.

Free Spins – If the player manages to hit scatters on the reels, 5, 1 or 3 on one spin then they will be rewarded with the free spins feature.

Coin Wins – Coin Wins are a popular feature on Coins of Egypt and players can win prizes which are worth between 2x-15x of the original stake. All of the coins shall be collected and then they will be added to any winnings which are from potential winning combos when the golden pharaoh lands on the very last reel.

This feature can potentially convert a losing spin into medium wins of up to 40x the bet. Unfortunately this awesome feature is not currently available during the free spins round.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP for Coins of Egypt is 96.97%.

About the Developer:

As you now know, slot development masters NetEnt were the company who developed this exceptional Egyptian themed slot and I think it is only fair to give them credit as they really have done a magnificent job in developing this slot game as it is honestly very good!

Despite the fact that NetEnt are very popular create the majority of the very best slot games out there, some people who lack knowledge on developers don’t really know much about the Sweden based company.

NetEnt was created in the year of 1996, meaning that they have had over 20 years of experience in the industry and they have been creating slot games since they were first established! Due to their success, their stock price is forever increasing and it was confirmed in 2016 that NetEnt are one of the richest development companies to ever exist!


Coins of Egypt is spectacular to say the least and I must say that this slot game may even be in the top 5 of my personal favorites! With so many jaw dropping features, a lavish and unique appearance as well as a very exciting theme, Coins of Egypt is for sure a very promising slot game!

So if you want a NetEnt slot game which has a top Egyptian theme and will offer you lots of marvelous bonuses then make sure you check out Coins of Egypt!