Couch Potato Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Couch Potato Slot Review & Free Play:

Couch Potato is Microgaming’s way of taking a different approach to what everyone believes the phrase really means. In general, a Coach Potato is someone spending most of their day relaxing in front of the television do not exercise and likes flicking through TV channels. A real potato takes a seat on the red couch, yawns and the remote transforms into a winning device that offers payouts worth up to 15,000 coins.

Look & Feel:

Couch Potato takes a comical approach to what normally refers to an unmotivated person. The red couch is decorated via yellow scatter cushions in letter shapes arranged to spell out COUCH. The potato is ready for action armed with its remote and this time the action takes place across three fast spinning reels hosting a single payline. No flickering through channels is needed since all the information is displayed on the right side of the reels and every combination is indicated by winnings awarded for bets made via one, two or three coins. The Couch Potato symbol collection features a range of different sevens including the fire red sevens, cool blue and super white sevens, while triple bars are gold, double bars green and single bars are cherry-red, while cherries add winnings once one or two appears. The most valued symbol remains the television, which also offers the jackpot prize worth up to 15,000 coins when triggered via maximum bet.

Couch Potato Combination Payouts:

Cherries award between 2 up to 6 times the bet, while the chocolate bars range from 20 up to 90 coins and the white sevens offer up to a maximum of 120 coins. The blue sevens are worth a cool maximum of 150 coins, the hot red sevens up to 180 coins and the Couch Potato symbols offer a payout worth 2,000 coins when triggered by a single coin, 5,000 coins for a three of a kind win activated by 2 coins and 15,000 coins when activated with a maximum bet.

Bonus Features:

The Couch Potato have selected all the best candy bars and other treats to keep him company although the bonus delights are the most powerful and include a wild, a 1x substituting wilds as well as 2x wilds represented by the all-important television set. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to spin in massive rewards since Couch Potato is an easy-going slot although once the bonus symbols kick in its more active than you would expect, here is how:

Wild Potato: The Couch Potato is the wild and a powerful symbol to have in hand since it stands in form all other to increase payouts via combinations. The wild Couch Potato symbols also increase payouts by 5x the winning value. Two wild symbols are even more powerful and increase combination winnings by 25x, to create a wild winning sensation.


Couch Potato slot shows how the luxury of being lazy could turn into a lucrative business when the high valued symbols line-up on a single payline. Due to its classic style, the game appeals to players for its effortless playstyle, which is just how most casual players like it. On the other side the huge payouts attract high-rollers who wish to maximise profits via maximum bets, and for the rest of us, the game is super enjoyable.