Dark Vortex Review

In October 2018, the highly anticipated Dark Vortex online slot game was released by slot development giants Yggdrasil Gaming and we are here to give you all the information about it so you know exactly what to expect for when you get playing….sit back and enjoy!

Dark Vortex is a Monster themed online slot game with a very dark and evil theme to it, something which is majorly loved by slot fans in this day and age.

Yggdrasil Gaming have made this popular game available in many different countries all around the world so that as many people as possible can be part of the fun!

Slot players from the United Kingdom, Viet Nam, Hungary and Estonia can play on Dark Vortex.

This game has got 5 reels and the pauline’s range from 243 to 3,125. This game is available to be played on all devices, including laptops and tablets but the player have a steady internet connection.

0.10p is the minimum amount of money that can be placed on this slot by players and the maximum amount is £50 per spin.

Players can use various different payment methods when playing on Dark Vortex for withdrawing and depositing money. Common payment methods include Visa Debit and Neteller.

Looks and Feel:

As you already know, Dark Vortex is a dark themed slot game and the developers have certainly made this know because the dark colour scheme struck me as soon as I took my first step onto the slot!

Pretty much all of the colours that have been used are all dark which definitely does represent the evil and cold theme that this game is all about. Colours that can be seen on Dark Vortex include dark blue/green, grey, black and brown.

Even the background of the slot is dark too, there is a thundering stormy type of setting with lots of clouds and rain pouring down onto the slot and i have to admit that these excellent graphics impressed me very much and it made me even more intrigued with this slot!

All of the characters on Dark Vortex have a spooky look about them, when I was navigating throughout the homepage I came across skeletons, skulls and devils all of who looked quiet scary, this game really isn’t one for the fainthearted!

In my opinion, the developers of this unique game have worked hard on various different features on the slot but one of the things that stood out to me from the minute I started playing was the soundtracks and images. Both the soundtracks and images which have been used on Dark Vortex are excellent, they work extremely well with the overall appearance of the game and what the game is all about.

The images are very clear in terms of the resolution and I think that the quality of them is great which means I am one happy player! The feel is another awesome thing about playing on Dark Vortex too.

From the second i started playing on Dark Vortex, I knew that this slot was a top game and this judgement was purely made just because of the feel.

Dark Vortex is a lovely game to play on because of the feel, responsiveness is top, navigation is excellent and the overall ease makes the whole experience joyful to say the least!

Bonus Features:

We know our players love to play on the best slots in order to have a chance of winning lots of money and the vast majority of slot developers understand this too so they ensure that their slots have got plenty of useful bonus features that will help the player out in hope of winning big.

There are lots of bonus features on Dark Vortex and they are all different which is the greatest thing! You will never come across 2 of the same bonuses.

Nowadays, slot bonuses are made available to all types of players, including new players who tend to receive welcome bonuses and also bonuses for players who are existing players.

In order to give you a brief insight into what type of bonus features you can expect from Dark Vortex, we have listed some of our favourite ones down below so make sure you take a look at them!

Vortex Symbol: This symbol is the main bonus feature on Dark Vortex and it gives the player additional spins, orbs and also higher paying symbols which will help the player win more money!

This feature is triggered when the player lands 2 vortex symbols which are on reels that are adjacent to each other.

Free Spins: Free Spins are awarded to players when they manage to collect orbs and the more orbs that are collected then the more free spins that will be gifted to the player.

Buying Bonus Features. Player on Dark Vortex have the chance to buy bonus features however they will need to pay 80x their stake in order to do so. Free spins and wilds will be given to the player once this package is purchased.

Return to Player (RTP):

Dark Vortex has an RTP of 96.5%.

About the Developer:

Here are some fun facts about the developer of Dark Vortex, take a look.

Yggdrasil Gaming are the developers of Dark Vortex
More than 20 different countries have access to Yggdrasil Gaming developed games.
As of September 2019, there are over 415 Yggdrasil Casinos.


All in all, Dark Vortex is a magnificent online slot game which I rate very highly and I am sure that you will do too after playing on it!

Yggdrasil Gaming have gone and done it yet again by producing this immense game which is absolutely fabulous.

Players can take advantage of tons of huge bonuses and jackpots which are available whilst also having hours of fun too!

Dark Vortex is a professional and reliable slot game which has so many great features so be sure to play on it as you are bound to have the time of your life on this exhilarating slot!