Dead or Alive 2 Review

In this review we will be reviewing the world-renowned NetEnt slot game, Dead or Alive 2. Dead or alive 2 is the follow up from the original dead or alive slot which was a very popular game amongst slot players for man years.

This game is the newer and improved version of the original dead or alive slot and it has many terrific advantages which we will be explaining to you in this review.

Dead or Alive 2 has 3 rows, 5 reels and 9 pay lines. This game was released in April 2019 and it has certainly turned plenty of head since its release.

Dead or Alive 2 can be played on various different devices, including smartphones and also tablets. The most popular devices that are compatible with this game are iPhones, Samsung tablets, iPads, HTC and also LG phones.

Dead or Alive 2 can be played via a mobile phone app or even via an online web browser. Many people prefer to play via the app because it is known to be convenient whilst the web browser is popular amongst those who want to save storage on their selected device.

Looks and Feel:

Dead or Alive 2 is a NetEnt developed online slot and because of this there was lots of pressure for NetEnt to deliver due to the fact that their games are renowned for being world-class and the gaming giants certainly pulled through!

This game has a great variety of features which have made it a huge hit but lets start off this review with 2 of the main features which are very important…the looks and the feel!

Dead or Alive 2 is a great looking slot and it is very similar to the original dead or alive slot game. This slot has an action/cowboy theme to it and in my opinion, it looks spectacular to say the least.

The main characters have a crafty appearance which goes well with the idea of the slot and in addition to this relevant props have been used in order to enhance the theme.

The quality of the graphics on Dead or Alive 2 is fabulous however this was always expected as NetEnt are known for developing slot games that look terrific.

Various different colours have been used but it is clear to see that the main theme in terms of colours is dark and the majority of colours on this game are dark.

Beige, brown, black and grey are the most popular colours on Dead or Alive 2. Each and every character on this slot has its own personality and I think this is great as it allows the player to connect with each individual on a personal basis.

When playing on Dead or Alive 2, you can expect to see swords, knives, guns and many more weapons which all add to the medieval/dark theme that this slot game is all about!

The feel on Dead or Alive 2 is actually quite good and I didn’t have any problems with it at all. The first thing which pleased me in terms of the feel on Dead or Alive 2 has to be the responsiveness.

This game has ultra-quick responsiveness which is of course a fabulous feature to have and I must say that this certainly did impress me.

In addition to the epic responsiveness, I must talk about the overall feel on Dead or Alive 2 which is ridiculously insane! Getting about on this slot is excellent and I felt joyful when playing on this slot because of the feel. Not only is it very smooth but it also feels easy too!

Bonus Features:

Dead or Alive 2 is a slot game that had high expectations upon its release and it is very fair to say that this game has lived up to its expectations because it is truly awesome!

Not only does this game have a cool design, there are also lots of tremendous features and I must say that the bonus features that Dead or Alive 2 has available to players are incredible!

To help you out, we have decided to form a short list of the very best bonus features which you can take advantage of when having fun on Dead or Alive 2.

Wilds: Wilds are super and if you manage to land 5 wilds on a payline when playing on Dead or Alive 2, you will be rewarded with 166.66x your initial stake.

Max Win: Although there is not a jackpot, this game has a maximum win of £2,000,000.

Free Spins: Getting free spins is so cool and it can feel very rewarding. If you want to get some free spins on the dead or alive 2 slot game, you will need to land 5 reels which will give you 5 spins.

About the Developer:

Dead or Alive was a great slot game and it is very clear to say that Dead or Alive 2 is also a great slot game however we must pay credit to the developer of the slot who has worked very hard to ensure that the game is the best it can be.

The developer for Dead or Alive 2 is NetEnt and during this part of the review we will be giving you some information on NetEnt as a company.

NetEnt was created back in 1996 which means they have over 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry, hence why they are regarded as true pioneers in terms of online gaming development. The CEO of the gaming development giants is Therese Hillman and she was appointed in 2018.

The NetEnt headquarters is in Sweden but the company also have offices in various other locations, including London, Paris and Belgium.

NetEnt slot games are known to be very reliable as they are licensed and commissioned with legitimate companies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

NetEnt are always releasing brand new games so make sure you look out for them as they are absolutely magnificent!

Return to Player (RTP):

Dead or Alive 2 has an RTP of 96.8%.


All in all, Dead or Alive 2 is a brilliant slot game which you need to try out! This game has lots of great features which are without a doubt some of the best features that you will ever see on a NetEnt game.

The graphical quality is superior, the bonuses as well as the promotions are very handy and the overall feel of the game is splendid. So overall, I think that Dead or Alive 2 is one of the very best slot games available to play on in 2019 and you must give it a go!