Devil’s Number

Devil’s Number is a fantastic slot game which is near enough extraordinary! This game has had lots of attention surrounding it ever since its release and we know that you are bound to love it so this review will tell you everything about the slot and why you need to play on it!

Devil’s Number is a very new game which was released in 2019 by Red Tiger Gaming. This game has 4 rows, 5 reels and 30 paylines as well as huge bonuses and a fabulous RTP!

Devil’s Number is a fun slot which can be played on lots of devices, some of which include tablets, android smartphones, iOS devices and even laptops!

The minimum bet on this well-developed Red Tiger Gaming slot game is £0.20 and the maximum bet is £80.

Looks and Feel:

Devil’s Number is a game which has taken the slot game by storm and because of this I was very excited to review it!

Due to the fact that thousands of people play on this slot every single day, I wanted to see what the hype is about and, in this review, you will be getting a top opinion about the slot from a slot expert!

Here at Slotsino we want our readers to only play on the very best slot games and because of this, the looks and feel of the game is something which we regard as extremely important.

To start off this review on Devil’s Number we will be covering the 2 main topics of the looks and feel so sit back and enjoy!

Red Tiger Gaming have managed to do it once again, they have created yet another top slot game which looks absolutely tremendous!

The theme of this game is very mysterious and I could clearly tell that this was the case from the get-go.

Plenty of dark colours have been used to entice players to get onto the slot and I personally think this is a great idea as it certainly attracted me towards the game!

Dark red, orange, purple, dark blue, brown and black are some of the most common colours that you can expect to see all throughout this wonderful game. The homepage features a large fire ring which is there to be used as the main logo.

The setting on this game is in a haunted old library which is very spooky and I absolutely loved it as it is very different as well as exciting!

I personally feel that the soundtracks on this game are great too as they work very well with the theme of the slot and they certainly add to the spooky vibe that this slot lets off!

As soon as I got onto the Devil’s Number slot game, I started to love it straightaway and the feel of it made things better!

Navigation throughout the game is splendid as well as the responsiveness and also the graphics which I must say are of a superior quality!

The sounds on the slot make the game 10x more fun and exciting to play on, the feel is marvelous and the game itself just looks superb!

Red Tiger Gaming have ensured that this slot is certainly one of the best ones and it is clear to see why players of this game are over the moon with it!

Bonus Features:

We want to ensure that our readers are the happiest that they can be and because of this we thrive to make our reviews jam packed with top information as much as they can be!

One of the main things that we feel should be covered is bonus features and this is because they are very important and also a slot players favourite!

Bonus features make slot players immensely happy and it is clear to see why because they can definitely help players out in various ways.

So if you are a lover of bonuses then you are in for a right treat with this slot as Devil’s Number has lots of tremendous bonuses which all vary from free spins, to money off, wilds and much more!

Listed down below are some of my favourite bonuses on Devil’s Number which I am sure you will love!

Fiery Free Spins: Everybody loves free spins and Devil’s Number offers lots of magnificent free spins to their players. Simply land your scatter symbols in any three places at once to receive them!

Jackpot: This game has a jackpot of £666 and in addition to this, players have the chance to win 2,500x of their stake on every single spin.

Bonus Rounds: Devil’s Number has 3 bonus rounds and they are very helpful so make sure you take advantage of them whilst you can.

Return to Player (RTP):

Winning big money is a must when it comes to slot games and one of the main reasons why Devil’s Number has been a hit with slot players is because it offers big payouts and the chances of winning big with this slot is very high!

The RTP on Devil’s Number is 96.06%.

About the Developer:

Devil’s Number is a popular slot with many awesome features and I must say that the developers of this game are the true stars because the development on it in every single aspect is excellent.

Red Tiger Gaming developed this slot and they are a world famous online gaming development company who have worked on thousands of slot games in their time.

The company was established back in 2014 and they have several offices with the main one in the Isle of Man.

Red Tiger Gaming is registered in over 20 countries, some of which include Japan, China, Netherlands, Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Finland.


Devil’s Number is a fantastic online slot game which I think is one of Red Tiger Gaming’s best slots at this current time.

Devil’s Number looks awesome and the feel of it is excellent too. The game runs really well and also has many brilliant features.

So if you want to have some fun on a good looking slot which is very reliable and is also renowned for paying out big then make sure you play on Devil’s Number!