Double Stacks Review

In this review we will be covering the Double Stacks online slot game, a well made slot by gaming development giants NetEnt.

During this slot review you will be finding out about the best bonuses that this slot has to offer, what the overall gameplay is like, why you should play on it and how you can win large amounts of money!

Double Stacks was established in September 2018 and since then it has become one of the most played slot games developed by NetEnt.

This game has 5 reels, 10 paylines, many promotions and plenty of jackpots all of which you will learn about in this review.

Due to the fact that this slot game is developed by NetEnt, millions of slot players all around the world were eager to play on it after hearing the announcement of its arrival and because of this the game was made available in dozens of countries.

Double Stacks can be played in lots of countries with some of the most popular ones being Portugal, Norway, Estonia, Spain and Czech Republic

You can play the wonderful Double Stacks slot game on many different platforms, some of which include firefox, safari and chrome too!

In addition to this, this game can be played on iOS and Android devices, including tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Looks and Feel:

Double Stacks is a very unique online slot game which has a colorful theme of fruits! It is fair to say that this slot is very fruity and the appearance of it is truly wonderful!

There are lots of cool things about this NetEnt developed game however the way it looks is absolutely awesome and we are here to break it down for you.

So lets start off with how the Double Stacks online slot game looks like and why the appearance of it is such a great feature!

As you know, this is a fruity themed slot and this colorful theme can be seen all through the slot.

The colours that have been used on this game are bright, exotic and certainly vibrant!

There are so many colours which are bound to catch your attention on this slot, they include red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange!

The Fruit Theme is great in my opinion and there are plenty of fruity icons on the slot which all have their own value.

The game itself works as a regular slot however the fruity icons certainly add to the theme and they make the game much more exciting to play.

There are plenty of poplar fruits on Double Stacks, some of my favourites being watermelons, oranges, purple grapes and lemons.

Now when it comes to reviewing slot games, I look out for many things however one of the most important things which I usually tend to look out for on a frequent basis is how good the layout is because this is a feature which is immensely important to any slot player in my opinion.

I was glad when I got onto the Double Stacks online slot game and discovered that the layout was just how I hoped for it to be.

The coin value and overall bet amounts are displayed in a rather large text which is clearly visible on the left hand side of the slot.

The all important fruity icons can be seen on the center of the slot and the clock is situated in the top right hand corner.

In terms of the feel, I am very impressed with the Double Stacks slot game which feels great to be on!

Navigating around the slot was lovely, I had no issues and the overall experience was nice and smooth.

Another top feature about this slot game has to be the graphics which are incredible!

Everything on this game in terms of the graphics are excellent, from the images to the animations and even the background of the slot.

Everything is clear, looks great and has obviously been developed to a high standard which really does show!

The responsiveness made me admire this slot game even more than I already did in all honesty.

My desired pages/tabs opened up quickly and my commands were catered for in a great fashion which made me more than happy with the slot!

Bonus Features:

Double Stacks is a great game which is a favourite amongst plenty of slot players and there are many different reasons for this.

Although there are many reasons why Double Stacks is a fans favourite, the bonus feature that this game has to offer has certainly had a positive impact!

Check out our short list down below which displays some of the best bonus features which you can expect to find on this awesome slot game.

Free Spins Round: The Free Spins Round will be triggered when the player lands 3 scatter symbols on the required reels.

Jackpot: Double Stacks has a jackpot of 20000 coins.

1000x Stake: Players can receive 1000x of their stake if they manage to land a combo of wilds and diamond symbols or alternatively a full screen filled with double diamond icons.

Return to Player:

Double Stacks is a slot game which has impressed plenty of slot fanatics, including myself and it is a game with lots of awesome features however the RTP certainly makes it even better!

This glorious NetEnt game has an RTP of 96.1%.

About the Developer:

As you know, the developer of Double Stacks is NetEnt and to enhance your knowledge about the development giants we have put together some cool facts about them which can be found below.

  • There are over 200 NetEnt developed slot games.
  • NetEnt was created in 1996.
  • As of 2019, there are over 1000 NetEnt employees.
  • Players can get in contact with NetEnt via email and the live chat feature.


All in all, Double Stacks is a terrific online slot game which has plenty of awesome features and you must try it out!

This game looks the part, is developed to a top standard, pays well, has awesome jackpots and can provide plenty of fun so be sure to check it out!