Dragons Fire Review

Dragons Fire is a splendid online slot game from Red tiger gaming which features 5 reels and 40 paylines.

This game was released in August 2018 and it has done very well over the past year.

Dragons Fire has lots of tremendous jackpots and big bonuses which have made it a great success as well as a very unique theme.

Dragons Fire can be played on a great range of devices, but you must ensure that you have a stable internet connection. So as long as you have an established internet connection and a compatible device you will be good to go!

Dragons Fire can be played via the free mobile app which players can download from the app store or alternatively via the web browser which is equally as good but is more popular because it takes up less space than the mobile app.

Looks and Feel:

Dragons Fire is a very good-looking slot game which I am a great fan of. The theme is fiery as you would probably assume from the name and the developers have obviously done a good job in terms of showing this theme in a sensible way.

The theme in my opinion looks very majestic and I noticed certain icons such as fire lamps, snakes, jewels and much more which really did add to the excitement of this game. One of the main things which struck me was the lovely range of colours that can be found throughout this game.

When on Dragons Fire I noticed a rainbow range full of colours, they included gold, blue, green, purple, yellow and also red.

The background of the actual slot is black which in my opinion is good as it is simple and neutral. The bright colours throughout the slot really did make it look fab and the creators of this game deserve praise for what they have done.

The feel on Dragons Fire is immense and, in all honesty, I really was not surprised because Red Tiger Gaming are renowned for developing slot games that feel good.

I felt that the navigation on Dragons Fire was very smooth and this made me love the slot even more! In addition to this, the graphics were very clear, and this includes the images as well as the animations.

Overall, I am more than pleased with Dragons Fire in terms of the looks and feel and I would certainly recommend any reader to take a look at this game if they are looking for a good-looking slot with a nice feel.

Bonus Features:

Here at Slotsino, we aim to make our slot reviews as informative as possible and with this being said, we think that it is only right to inform our wonderful readers of the best bonus features that are available on the slot games that we cover.

We know that our readers love taking advantage of awesome bonus features and because of this we are glad to inform you that we have put together a short yet informative list of the best bonus features on Dragons Fire. This list can be found down below.

Dragon Fire Jackpot: Unfortunately, there is not an actual jackpot on this slot game however players can win something which is equally as good if not better than a jackpot. Dragons Fire players can win up to £100,000 on this game so be sure to carry on betting!

Free Spins: Free spins are truly brilliant and luckily Dragons Fire offer free spins to their players. To take advantage of this awesome bonus feature, players will need to land at least 3 scatters on the reels.

Dragons Egg Multiplier: The dragons egg multiplier is a multiplier feature which will multiply the players free spins by 2 or even 3 so make sure you look out for it!

Return to Player (RTP):

As you are probably aware of, online gaming is absolutely huge right now and the industry is increasing in terms of popularity by the day!

Because of this, millions of players are playing on slots every single day which means high demands and slot players now expect to win big.

Luckily for you, Dragons Fire has an RTP of 96.07% which means you have a very high chance to win big when playing on this slot game.

About the Developer:

Dragons Fire really is an excellent slot game which I am sure you will enjoy playing on. This game has pretty much everything, but we must remember that none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the awesome developers.

Dragons Fire is developed by Red Tiger Gaming (RTG) who are known to be true pioneers in the online gaming industry. RTG was established just over 5 years ago and they have worked on thousands of successful slot games, amassing millions of players.

RTG are based in the Isle of Man and they have offices all over Europe. Their games are commissioned and licensed with the UKGC and the Malta Gaming Authority.


What is the minimum amount of money I can place on the Dragons Fire slot? The minimum amount that you can place on the Dragons Fire slot is £0.20.

What is the maximum amount of money I can place on Dragons Fire? £10 is the maximum amount you can place on Dragons Fire per spin.

Is Dragons Fire compatible on android devices? Yes, Dragons Fire is compatible on android devices. This includes tablets and mobile phones too.


Overall, Dragons Fire is an absolutely stupendous slot game which I think is great!

This slot has plenty of cool features and I must say that Red Tiger Gaming have impressed me with what they have included on this game.

Dragons Fire has a huge range of bonus features which certainly enhance the overall experience for any play who enters this slot, they include free spins, money off codes, extraordinary bonuses for new players and so much more!

So all in all, Dragons Fire is a great slot game with many awesome features and you must give it a try!