Dream Catcher Live

Dream Catcher Review & Free Play:

Dream Catcher Live is one of the many well-designed live games created by Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is known for being one of the leading live game providers in the world. Their creation of a live lucky wheel game is no surprise. Relapsed in February of 2017, Dream Catcher Live was released for desktop and mobile devices. While being hosted by a live dealer, Evolution Gaming Dream Catcher Live combines the simplistic of a wheel game with the exciting elements which will attract slot players.

Look & Feel:

Dream Catcher Live is streamed live from Evolutions Gaming Riga studio in HD quality. While the wheel can be viewed in a classic mode, you will be able to select other angels to watch the spins and the ball drop from. While live casino games are being commonly seen due to their increasing popularity – Evolution Gaming has made sure that their wheel stands out. Other than being custom made, the wheel incorporates elements from slots, roulette, and bingo to create an immersive experience.

While the wheel game is a combination of different casino games, learning to lay is quite easy. The wheel has a total of 54 pockets, which are separated into numbers and multipliers. Before the spin, players can place wagers while the live host will make an announcement related to the game and keep users excited by having a lively conversation. Wins will be received based on where the wheel lands.

Bonus Features:

In-Game Statistics: Evolution Gaming will provide on-screen game statistics that is updated on a live basis depending on the spins. This will help you increase your chances of winning despite this game being a game that is solely based on chance.

Multipliers: The wheel will include pockets that have two multipliers, one being an x2 while the other is an x7. As long as your spin. The multiplier will be included with the win. In some cases, if the wheel stops on a multiplier, the host will spin it again, and the final payout will be a combination of the multiplier, the following number, and the original winning number.

Dream Catcher Live RTP: Since Dream Catcher Live is a live casino game that is based on chance, there is no estimated RTP included. Still, keeping an eye on the on=screen information can help increase the chances of winning.


Dream Catcher Live is another well0desgined live casino game created by the monsters in the industry. The wheel has a unique and easy to understand layout, and combined features that could appeal to a variety of casino players. Another fun addition was the live host who made each spin of the wheel interactive and had a sociable vibe. This love game would be perfect for any casino player who would like an immersive game with impressive wins.