Emerald Smash

Emerald Smash Slot Review

Emerald Smash is a classical online slot game that is brought to us by Inspired Gaming. Inspired Gaming are a slot developer that are rising in popularity. They have not quite yet reached the heights of some of the giant software developers, however producing excellent gaming content like this will certainly lead them in that direction. This is a new online slot game that was published in 2019. This slot game has a very classical theme to it. It is very basic and uses the standard symbols and colours that we associate with a classical slot machine. It is more like a fruit machine.

In this Slotsino review, we will take a look at the different bonus features and gameplay features in which you can get your hands on. Then see whether this slot is a recommendation for you. If you are a fan of classic themed slot games, then we are off to a good start.

Looks & Feel:

Aesthetically, this slot is very appealing. When it comes to slot games, we are like little kids, we admire colour and sparkling visuals. We want some thing that is going to stand out and be appealing. This slot used a colourful background that blends the colours of blue, pink and red, which is very generic for a classical slot, but it works. Over the top of this slot background, we have the transparent slot reels and the symbols themselves. The graphics to this slot game is excellent, we can have no complaints on that part, despite the objects and lay out being simplistic, the slot icons are all well designed and looks great.

The slot symbols include lemons, four leaf clovers, oranges, water melons, berries, strawberries, cherries, blue stars and sevens. This slot game is a 5-reel slot game with a total of 30 pay lines. The minimum bet amount per spin is 60p and the maximum bet per spin is 180. Therefore, you can bet both high and low on this slot game.

Bonus Features:

There is only one bonus feature included in this online slot game, which is what we should expect from a classic slot game. You do not tend to get many bonus features in a classic slot as the developers do not want to over complicate it.

The bonus feature in this slot game is called Emerald Smash. Whenever the emerald symbol shows up on the reels, they will all smash, creating a win for you. If there are more than one on the reel, they will replace multiple symbols and create a huge win for you.

Emerald Smash RTP:

The Emerald Smash RTP stands at 96.50%. This is a respectable RTP rating as it stands around the industry average.


To conclude our thoughts on this slot machine, it is a nice little classical slot game for you to enjoy. If you are looking for something plain and simple that you are sure to understand, then this is your slot. You can also try the free play mode of this slot game to help you gain experience before playing for real money.