Fishing Frenzy Megaways Review

In this review we will be covering the Fishing Frenzy online slot game. Fishing Frenzy is a great slot which has been developed by Blueprint Gaming and it has 5 reels, 3 rows and up to 10 paylines. The minimum amount which the player can place on this slot is £0.01, whilst the maximum amount is £10.

Looks and Feel:

Fishing Frenzy is an awesome slot game from Blueprint Gaming and it is fair to say that this game has a fabulous range of top features. One of the main things which impressed me about the game was the looks and feel.

This game looks marvelous and it is one of the main reasons as to why it has become immensely popular amongst slot players. In addition to this, the feel is also awesome and in this part of the review we shall be going over both the looks and feel of the fishing frenzy slot game.

So to start off with, Fishing Frenzy has a great appearance and it really does look unique to say the least. The main theme of this game is fishing as you would expect from the name and this theme is clearly demonstrated on the slot itself.

The background is of a crystal clear blue sea and you will notice fishes, sharks and whales when playing on the slot! Along with lots of fishy inspired icons, the layout is also quiet good too and, in my opinion, it certainly does enhance the slot.

When it comes to the layout, the fishing frenzy main title can be seen on the very top of the homepage whilst the bet line and start button is situated on the bottom right corner.

If the user would like to view additional information such as the T&C’s, policies and the payment methods which are accepted on the slot then all they need to do is simply scroll all the way down to the bottom of the homepage.

Now lets move onto the feel of the fishing frenzy online slot game. The feel of a slot game is something which has to be good and in my opinion the developers of this slot have done a really good job in terms of how this slot runs and the feel of it.

Navigation is a complete breeze on fishing frenzy, it is smooth and immensely quick. To add to this, the responsiveness is great and the overall quality of the graphics/images/animations is very high.

Overall, fishing frenzy looks super and the feel of it is equally as good, so if you want a slot with great looks and a marvelous feel then make sure you take a glimpse at fishing frenzy.

Bonus Features:

Online slot games are huge at this current time and it is fair to say that due to their immense popularity, they are certainly only going to get better and grow even bigger over time. There really is lots of great things about playing on these slot games and one of the best things about them is the bonus features.

Nowadays, bonus features are available on plenty of slots and the vast majority of slot developers now ensure that their games have a good range of promotions and bonuses available to their players.

Listed down below are some of the very best bonuses which you are bound to come across when playing on the fishing frenzy online slot game.

Free Spins: The player can win up to 10 free spins if they manager to land 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols on fishing frenzy.

Free Games: As well as getting free spins, players can also win free games too and this can be done by simply landing additional scatters.

3 scatters = 10 games.

4 scatters = 15 games.

5 scatters = 20 games.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP on Fishing Frenzy is 96%.


To round up this review, Fishing Frenzy is a great slot which has impressed me in several different ways and I would certainly recommend it to any big slot player out there.

This games has been developed insanely well, there are dozens of awesome features and the bonuses are to die for it! To make things even better, the graphics are of a super quality and this slot really is one of a kind so be sure to take a look at it!