Five Star Power Reels Review

Five Star Power Reels is a well-developed slot game created by Red Tiger Gaming which features 8 reels and 5 paylines. Five Star Power Reels is one of the newest slot games in the industry, having been released in June 2019. Players can bet from a minimum of £0.10p whilst on Five Star Power Reels and in this review, we will be giving you all the best information on this fabulous slot and what to expect from it.

Looks and Feel:

Five Star Power Reels really is a fantastic slot game and due to the fact that it is so new, the interest has been absolutely huge with many people eager to find out what it is like. One of the main things which people are eager to find out is what the looks and feel of the game is like and in this part of the review we will be going through exactly that. So sit back, take it all in and enjoy!

So how about we start off with how this brilliant slot game looks. The appearance on five star power reels is infact very unique and the way it looks did actually come as quiet a surprise to me. The main colours which are used on this game are very bright and vibrant which is quite different because the majority of slot games tend to use darker colours. When playing on five star power reels you can expect to see colours such as purple, pink, yellow, orange and much more!

This slot game features lots of symbols some of which include fruit symbols which can be seen on the fruit machines, so when you get onto five star power reels you are bound to come across various different fruity icons, some of which include lemons, apples, oranges and grapes.

When I try out new slot games, one of the most important things for me is always the feel and I was hoping for a good feel on five star power reels and I was certainly expecting it because this is a new slot which has been developed by a world-renowned company. I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I got onto the slot because the feel is truly amazing! Navigation on the slot is fabulous, the responsiveness is very quick and the overall feel is extremely smooth which is always a great benefit to have.

Bonus Features:

Due to the fact that I am a big slot player and a huge critic, it usually takes quite a lot to impress me and bonus features are an essential! Five star power reels offers lots of bonuses which are available to players on this wonderful game and I’m sure you will love every single one of them!

To give you a small insight on what to expect, we have decided to form a short list which states some of the very best bonuses on the Five star power reels slot game. This list can be found below.

Repeat Spin: The repeat spin is a handy bonus feature which will repeat any winning spin. This awesome feature can be used up to 10 times but it is quite rare to find so be sure to try your hardest!

Five Star Instant Win: This feature will give the player an instant prize and it can prove to be very helpful. Up to 5 five star instant win bonuses can be used per game so if you get hold of them be sure to use them!

Free Spins: There are plenty of free spins on five star power reels and these awesome spins can be found all over the game so make sure you look out for them as they can assist you in winning some big money!

Return to Player (RTP):

Five star power reels has an RTP of 96.6%.


So we have finally come to the verdict and there really is so much I can say about this fantastic slot game. Red Tiger Gaming have done an incredible job in terms of developing Five star power reels and I am certainly a big fan of this game!

Five star power reels has been developed very well, the graphics are of immense quality, the responsiveness is fabulous and the promotions which are available are absolutely extraordinary! The game is still very new having only been around since June 2019 however I think in a couple of years or even months, Five star power reels could certainly go on to become one of the best slot games to grace the online slot industry.