Go Gorilla Wilder

In this fabulous slot game review, we will be giving you all the very best information on Go Gorilla Wilder.

Go Gorilla Wilder is a marvelous online slot game which was created by Nextgen Gaming.

This game is based on a jolly gorilla who is on his travels with fellow friends on a clear sandy beach.

Go Gorilla Wilder has 5 reel, 25 paylines and players can bet from a minimum of £0.30p to a maximum of £75.

 This game is available to be played on a range of devices, including Android and iOS phones as well as laptops and tablets.

Looks and Feels:

Go Gorilla Wilder is a splendid Nextgen Gaming slot game which has grown majorly in terms of popularity over the past couple of months.

Go Gorilla Wilder has a great array of top features and 2 of the best things about this slot would have to be the looks and feel.

Go Gorilla Wilder has a very unique theme which has made it very popular and it really does look awesome and in addition to this the overall feel is terrific and we are here to go into depth about both of these features on the Go Gorilla Wilder slot game.

Appearance is very important in the world of online slot games and nowadays online slot developers work very hard and spend lots of time to ensure that their slot looks good and has a top appearance which is bound to turn heads.

The developers for Go Gorilla Wilder really have done a fantastic job in terms of how this slot looks and, in my opinion, it is an extraordinary looking slot game which any slot love is bound to find attractive.

The first thing which I fell in love with was the background theme of the slot. The theme is of a sandy sunny beach which really does make the slot game look unique and also gives off a positive and happy type off energy.

A clear blue sea is visible, as well as a sandy shore which is totally awesome! Various bright colours are used on this game and they include blue, pink, white and green.

The main Gorilla looks very friendly and he can be seen holding a coconut whilst also wearing sunglasses and a crown at times too.

The feel on Go Gorilla Wilder is truly immense and this slot has one of the best feels that I have ever come across!

Upon entering the slot I was a bit skeptical in terms of what to expect but all my worries soon went out the window when I noticed how great it was to get around the Go Gorilla Wilder slot.

Navigation is a total breeze, responsiveness is really good and the quality of the graphics is super too.

Overall, I must admit that I am very happy with both the looks and feel on Go Gorilla Wilder and I can certainly see this game excelling majorly in the coming years.

Bonus Features:

Online slots are superb and many different elements add up to make a slot game the best it can be, with one of the main ones being bonus features.

Go Gorilla Wilder has an excellent range of bonus features and we have listed a few of them below.

Shell Respin Feature: This bonus can be triggered randomly at any point in the game and it gives the player a cash prize which is based on the amount of their initial stake.

Free Spins: Free Spins are common on Go Gorilla Wilder and they are very easy to find too. Simply land 3 bonus symbols and then you will be gifted with free spins!

Maximum Win: The maximum win/jackpot on Go Gorilla Wilder is 37,500x of the players initial stake.

Return to Player (RTP):

Go Gorilla Wilder has an RTP of 97.04%.


Go Gorilla Wilder is a marvelous slot game and considering the fact that it is still very new having only been around since February 2019, it certainly has caught the attention of lots of people in the online gaming industry.

This game has a unique design and theme which is totally awesome, a fantastic payout ratio, helpful customer support and lots of handy bonuses so make sure you check it out!