Gold Train Review

Gold Train is a Pragmatic Play developed online slot game which was established in May 2017.

This is one of the most popular slot games at the moment and in this informative review you will find out everything there is to know about the slot, including what bonuses are available, what the slot is about and why you must have a go on it so stay tuned! The Gold Train online slot game is a unique game which is based on railways, trains and big money winnings!

Since its release in 2017, Pragmatic Play have seen this slot do some massively big numbers and it is fair to say that it is one of the best Train inspired slot games to ever exist! These days, the vast majority of people who play on slot game prefer to play from their mobile phone and this is mainly because of how easy it is.

Not only is it easy to do, it takes up less storage and it also allows players to play from wherever they are whilst being on the go. The Gold Train mobile phone app is available on HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and iOS devices. It is a totally free app which can be found on the app/play store.

Alternatively, if you are not a fan of the mobile version, you can opt to play via the desktop version on Gold Train.

This is the original and common way of playing and it is aimed at those who prefer to play form their laptop/computer without having to worry about great amounts of storage being used.

A great amount of payment methods are accepted on Gold Train and they include classic payment methods as well as E-wallets too which have been on the rise majorly as of late.

In terms of E-wallets, PayPal, Neteller, PayByPhone and Boku can all be used for depositing and withdrawing.

On the other hand, Debit Cards, Maestro, Visa and MasterCard can also be used too.

Due to the fact that slot games are popular all over the world, Pragmatic Play have ensure that Gold Train can be played in a good range of countries. Popular countries which Gold Train can be played in include Romania, Finland, United Kingdom, Ukraine and France.

Looks and Feel:

Gold Train is a terrific train inspired online slot which looks fabulous and I think that the appearance is one of the best features that this unique slot game has to offer.

During this part of the review we will be informing you on everything there is to know about the overall appearance on Gold Train so continue to read on in order to get a good insight on what to expect from this slot.

As soon as I got onto the homepage of the slot, I instantly knew that I was on a Train inspired slot game and this was because of the cartoon type train image which can be found on the center of the slot.

The train is gold, it has sparkles and big clouds of smoke can be seen coming out the top of it.

The colours on Gold Train really do vary in all honesty, some of the most frequently used colours that have been used include purple, gold, red and patches of blue.

Various different Train inspired icons can be seen all throughout the Gold Train slot game, some of these are train conductor flags, train tracks, bells and most importantly…Gold Trains!

I personally think that the layout on Gold Train is excellent, it makes the slot look good and it gives the player an easy time in terms of navigating and moving around the slot which is always great to have.

All of the important tabs are easy to get to and in my opinion, everything has been placed in good places so I am a very happy punter!

Another top feature has to be the responsiveness which is truly awesome as well as the animations and soundtracks which both look and sound excellent whilst also relating really well to the Train theme that this game is all about.

Bonus Features:

Bonus Features are truly wonderful and we know that our readers love them and because of that we only provide reviews on the best slot games that have the best bonus features!

Check out our list of some of the best bonus features which are available for players to take advantage of when playing on the Gold Train online slot game.

  • Ticket: This is the scatter symbol and if the player manages to land 3 or more, they will trigger the progressive bonus.
  • Train: The Train symbol will replace all other symbols which aren’t as important and it will also help the player in forming winning combinations.
  • Jackpot: The jackpot on Gold Train is 500 coins.

Return to Player (RTP):

Gold Train has an RTP of 97.1%.

About the Developer:

These days, slot games are near enough exceptional and because of that, the developers deserve lots of credit because without them the slot wouldn’t even exist!

Slot developers have a huge role to play and I personally think that the developers of Gold Train have managed to do a wonderful job on this slot, check out some cool facts about them below.

  • Pragmatic Play have developed more than 190 online slot games as of 2019.
  • 2015 was when Pragmatic Play were established as an official company.
  • Players can get in contact with Pragmatic Play via email, live chat and also telephone.


Gold Train is a marvelous online game which has exceled massively over the past couple of years and I can clearly see why it has done so well!

This unique slot has an exciting slot which is very different and it is such a fun game to play on.

The top features are really good too and they make it an impeccable slot to play on.

I personally feel that this is the perfect slot for those who want to play on a well-developed game which is professional, looks good, pays very well and is guaranteed to provide you with hours upon hours of fun!