Golden Egypt Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Golden Egypt Slot Review

Golden Egypt transports players back thousands of years to the peak of one of man’s great civilisations – ancient Egypt. It’s a familiar time and place for online slot games, including none other than Cleopatra, another hugely successful slot.

This engaging slot game is another addition to the IGT stable, and comes with a host of touches to complete the theme. IGT are, of course, one of the oldest providers of slot games, dating all the way back to 1981, and they do not disappoint.

In this Egyptian offering, the basic setup of the game is five reel in the slot machine, with four rows, and the opportunity to earn from twenty five paylines, which is higher than average.

Looks & Feel

The aesthetic of the game really gets across the Egyptian theme, with the famous ancient pyramids in the background, in the middle of the African desert.

There are some eye catching symbols, including the Sphinx, the sun god Ra, and a golden ankh shape. They vary in value, with the Sphinx’s head the most valuable, dominating not one but two reels when it appears. These well chosen images all adds to the theme.

Bonus Features

Wild Stays: Above the reels there is space for two gold coins. Each time one appears, it will fill up one of these spaces. When both are filled, the reel will be able to spin wild. The good thing about this is that multiple wild reels are possible. Achieving all five wild reels is a long shot, but getting two or three is a real possibility.

Free Spins: You can get these by landing three, four or five of the pyramid bonus symbols. They are hard to find, but if you do get them, you’ll get the buzz of online slot play coming your way.

Golden Egypt RTP

The RTP for Golden Egypt is 94.20% which is spread out over a very large number of possible plays, over a very long time. The actual payout can vary a great deal depending on individual experiences and the luck of the draw.

Review Verdict

To conclude our review, there is a lot to recommend Golden Egypt. The greater than average number of paylines means it can be a fun and rewarding game to play. And the Egyptian theme is exciting and engaging, keeping your interest.