Heartburst Review

Heartburst is a popular online slot game which is powered by the well-known software Eyecon. Heartburst has 5 reels & 100 paylines. This game is a classic slot game which features various different fruity icons and classic slot machines. Heartburst is a popular game which has lots of bonuses as well as mouthwatering bonuses which we will educate you on and by the end of this review you will be a true expert on the Heartburst slot.

Looks and Feel:

If you are a frequent player of online slots then you will know that both the looks and feel are classed as 2 very important features which must be of top quality in order for the slot to have any chance of excelling. Nowadays, the majority of people that play on slot games are quite picky and they tend to require a slot that looks appealing and also performs well too.

Luckily, Heartburst has both of these qualities and not only does this slot look fantastic, it also runs great and the feel of it is tremendous! We know that this topic is very important and it is one that many people are eager to find out so lets start off the review by going over the looks and feel of Heartburst!

Heartburst has a typical fruity slot machine appearance and I like it a lot. All over the slot there are various different fruity icons such as cherries, oranges, apples and grapes which add to the fruity theme and also make it very obvious to see that it is a fruity based slot game. The main background colour on Heartburst is electric purple and the colour of the text is bright red. These colours really do bring out the slot and make it eye-catching which in my opinion is awesome!

The graphics are very good too and the icons look very realistic. For example, the fruits such as grapes and oranges are displayed in a large format and the resolution on the images is stupendously high. The amount of money which the player has won is shown on the left side of the slot whilst the bottom of the slot displays the sound button as well as the refresh tab and the help/information tab.

The feel on Heartburst is fairly decent and it is better than what I expected. Even though the responsiveness on this slot game is not the quickest, it still does the job and the overall feel when it comes to navigation certainly makes up for it. The feel on this slot is good and despite the fact that there could be some improvements, the slot does function well and I had an easy time getting around on it.

Bonus Features:

Heartburst is a good slot game and it has impressed me very much, one of the main things which I was looking forward to was the bonus features that it had and I’m sure you will be pleased to find out that this slot game has quite a few bonuses which really are quite useful.

Some of the most popular bonuses on Heartburst can be found below.

Free Spins: Free Spins on Heartburst are triggered by the player landing 3,4 or 5 of the lucky seven scatter symbols. Players will be able to redeem 15, 20 or 25 free spins if they manage to land the required symbols successfully.

Heart Wilds: The Heart Wilds on Heartburst will gift the player with 3x of the amount they have staked.

Bonus: The bonus on Heartburst is a jaw-dropping 3000 coins!

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP on Heartburst is 95.50%.


We have finally come to the verdict and there really is so much to say about Heartburst. Heartburst is a unique slot game to say the least and in my opinion, it is truly fabulous. This game is a colorful game which has a very unique theme that is sure to turn heads and get people excited!

Heartburst certainly is an attractive looking slot game with many advantages to it. With a great range of free spins and player promotions as well as a large RTP which means potential high payouts, this game is one of the games to look out for in 2019 and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is reading this review.