Icy Gems Review

Here at Slotsino we love slot reviews and, in this review, we will be bringing you all the very best information on the Icy Gems online slot game. Icy Gems has not been around for that long having only been established since November 2018 however it has certainly turned lots of heads in such a short space of time.

This epic game has 5 rows, 20 betways and can be played on several different devices, some of which include tablets, Samsung smartphones and iPhones. The minimum bet is £0.01p and players can win a potential whopping jackpot of £5000!

Looks and Feel:

So let’s get on the with the review and make you an Icy Gems expert! To kick off the review, we are going to be starting off with the looks and feel.

As the name suggests, this game has an icy and very cold theme to it which can be noticed right from the get-go. As soon as I entered the slot, I instantly felt cold and this was mainly because of the icy features which I noticed. Icons such as snowflakes and gems are situated on the homepage and this really does bring out the theme.

The main colour throughout the whole slot is blue however there are several different shades of blue which is fantastic in my opinion. As well as the classic blue theme, I also spotted various other colours too which can be seen on the gems, these included purple, green and red.

The layout is pretty basic and I did not get confused at all. The players balance can be found on the bottom right corner of the homepage, whilst the actual slot is on the middle and the Icy Gems title is at the top of the homepage. In addition to this, information such as the terms and conditions, gambling policies and customer support methods can all be found at the bottom of the homepage.

The feel on Icy Gems is very good. When it came to moving around the slot, I actually felt comfortable and I did not have any problems at all. Moving around the slot really did feel great whilst the responsiveness which is something that has always been important to me was lovely!

Overall, I am very pleased with the Icy Gems slot game in this department, both the looks and feel are outstanding and I am one very happy punter!

Bonus Features:

Here at Slotsino, we thrive to make our slot reviews as informative as possible and we know that nowadays there are lots of things which people require from our reviews, including the bonus features which are available on the slot.

There are plenty of bonus features on Icy Gems and these really do enhance the overall experience for the player in various different ways. So to give you a helping hand and a bit of an insight on to what type of bonus features to expect on Icy Gems, we have decided to list some of the top bonuses on this slot game.

Re-Spin Feature: The Re-Spin feature on Icy Gems will be triggered when the player lands a winning line.

Superspin Feature: If the player collects 3 gemstone symbols, they will be able to use the Superspin feature which matches various symbols to then give players a potential high payout.

Jackpot: There is a jackpot of £2500 on Icy Gems.

Return to Player (RTP):

Nowadays, slot players tend to play on slots because they want to have fun but also win big amount of money too. Players can win great sums of cash when playing on this splendid slot because there is a healthy RTP of 96.03%.


We have reached the end of this review and I must admit that I am very happy with how this slot has turned out. Icy Gems is a terrific game which is bound to provide players with lots of fun! There are dozens of tremendous bonuses for players of this game and the graphics are of a stupendously high quality which really does enhance the overall game.

Overall, Icy Gems is a great game with lots of top features and you should certainly try it out if  you want a fab slot experience.