Innocence or Temptation Review

Innocence or Temptation is a slot game with so many different features and it is powered by the relatively know gaming development company Ash Gaming.

With 5 reels, 20 paylines, lots of bonus rounds and a potential jackpot of £4,000, this slot game really is quite good and, in this review, we will educate you on everything there is to know about the slot.

Looks & Feel:

When I do slot reviews, there is a lot of things that I look out for in order for me to rate the slot highly and as well as the bonuses and good variety of games, the feel and the looks is also equally as important too.

Ash Gaming are not one of the bigger companies in their industry, in comparison to their rivals such as NetEnt and because of this I was not expecting the looks and feel on Innocence or Temptation to be amazing and I soon discovered this.

To help you out and give you some additional information about the slot, I have decided to put together a few quick and informative sentences about the looks and feel on Innocence or Temptation and you can find them below.

Innocence or Temptation is pretty much the same as Angel or Devil and the player needs to choose if they want to go on the good side or the bad side whilst playing on this slot.

Before playing on Innocence or Temptation, I had not really played on a similar slot so it was all new to me but luckily once I got onto it, I adjusted quite well and I felt very comfortable however I was let down with the appearance.

In my opinion Innocence or Temptation has too many bright colours which started to distract me and also diverted my full attention.

Although the graphical quality was pretty good, the theme of the slot and the way it is designed did not impress me in the slightest and I felt a bit let down so it was a big shame!

One positive that I can take out of the appearance is the way that the main characters were designed.

Both the Angel and the Devil resembled what the typical angel and devil look like and the props and accessories such as the angel wings and the devil’s daggers did give the slot that extra touch which made it look fairly decent.

I had not really played on Ash Gaming slot games that much prior to playing on Innocence or Temptation however I had heard from other sources that the games that they develop are known for having quiet a few good features with one of the best features being the feel.

If you read my reviews frequently then you will know that the feel of a slot is quite important for me personally and because of this was hoping for Innocence or Temptation to feel marvelous.

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that the feel on Innocence or Temptation was exactly what I had hoped for, it was extremely smooth, very easy and insanely quick when I commanded pages to open up.

I really cannot fault the feel on Innocence or Temptation and it has definitely got one of the very best feels for a slot game.

Bonus Features:

I have been playing on online slot games for quiet a long time now and over the years I noticed that one of the main things I fell in love with is the bonus features.

Bonus features really can vary and they do infact offer various different things which come in different shapes and sizes too!

If you play on slot games regularly then you will know that lots of slot games have bonus features and so does Innocence or Temptation. Below are a few of my personal favourite bonus features on Innocence or Temptation.

  • Special Symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Total Jackpot Bonus
  • Wilds

Return to Player (RTP):

Innocence or Temptation has a Return to Player ratio of 94.16%.

About the Developer:

When I first got told about Innocence or Temptation, I was quite surprised because I don’t really review slot games that aren’t developed by well-known developers but this time, I decided to do it and I certainly do not regret reviewing this slot which has infact turned out to be a personal favourite!

The best slot games are usually developed by well-known and popular companies who are regarded as well-established and reliable and because of this, smaller companies who make slot games are not really given attention and the majority of slot players tend to go for well-known companies due to the fact that they feel that they are in safe hands.

I decided to be different and review a slot which is developed by Ash Gaming Limited who are not as well-known as other companies such as NetEnt but they are certainly on the rise!

Ash Gaming Limited was established in 2000 and their parent company is online gaming giants Playtech!

Ash Gaming Limited have actually been getting major attention recently and I can see this company going very far so make sure you keep a look out for their releases!


Due to the fact that Innocence or Temptation is a slot game which is developed by a less-known company, I initially was not expecting big things however I was open to give this slot a chance to impress me and it certainly done exactly that!

With a fabulous Angel and Devil theme which really caught my eye and so many attractive bonus features, I must admit that I was truly blown away by this slot game!

Unfortunately Innocence or Temptation is not the best looking slot and this is one of the main things that let the game down because apart from this it would be absolutely perfect.

However, apart from the appearance not being the best, a good positive to take from the game would definitely be the feel which was a true pleasure.

Overall, I have decided to give Innocence or Temptation a rating of 7/10.