Jackpot Quest Review

Jackpot Quest is a glorious online slot game which has a unique comic book style type of theme.

This game has 40 paylines, 6 reels and a maximum coin range of £100 whilst the minimum amount is £0.20.

Jackpot Quest was developed by online gaming giants Red Tiger Gaming and it is certainly one of the best slot games to look out for in 2019.

Jackpot Quest has grown in popularity in recent months and it is certainly a top game which has caught the attention of millions of players all around the world.

In this informative review, you will learn all the important information there is to know about the Jackpot Quest slot game.

Looks and Feel:

Online slot games really are cool and they have become very popular over the past decade.

These days online slot players are very picky and they tend to look out for many things upon signing up and the looks and feel of a slot game really is important for the vast majority of slot players out there.

Due to the fact that I am a big slot player, the looks and feel of a slot game has always been significant to me, so to get this review underway I will be giving my thoughts on how good Jackpot Quest looks in my opinion and what the feel on the slot is really like.

First of all, lets cover the overall appearance of this game. Jackpot Quest has a very cartoon type of theme to it and this was very easy to notice right from the get-go.

The characters on the slot are very animated and, in my opinion, this is awesome as it gives the slot a different type of approach which isn’t only unique but also fun to see too.

When on the Jackpot Quest slot, you will notice several different colours such as gold, green and brown. Overall, the appearance is tremendous and the animated cartoon theme which is extremely easy to notice makes the slot look terrific! Not only does the game look really good but the quality of the graphics is immense too and this makes things even better!

When investing time and money onto a slot game, one of the main things which players tend to look out for is a good feel and Jackpot Quest has exactly that. I felt very comfortable when navigating around Jackpot Quest because it was beyond easy and also very smooth.

The responsiveness is very fast and the overall feel really is stupendous! So if you are looking for a good looking slot which also has a terrific feel then be sure to check out Jackpot Quest!

Bonus Features:

These days slot games tend to be very similar due to the fact that they are all offering the same thing and they also know what slot players look out for.

In order to separate their slot games from their rest, lots of developers including Red Tiger Gaming tend to offer attractive bonuses in order to entice players to sign up and these bonuses really can vary in terms of what they are offering.

Jackpot Quest offers dozens of magnificent bonuses and in this part of the guide we will be listing some of the best bonuses which you can find on Jackpot Quest.

Golden Slot: The golden slot symbol is a useful symbol which transforms every other symbol into a high paying symbol which aims to help the player win more money.

Free Spins: Free Spins are available all throughout Jackpot Quest and they are not hard to find so make sure you take advantage of them once you find them.

Respins: Respins are very popular and they are available on Jackpot Quest. Whenever the player manages to get a winning combination, they will be awarded with respins.

Map Feature: The Map Feature is a useful feature on Jackpot Quest and when the player manages to activate the Map Symbol it will then transform all the other symbols on the slot to Map Symbols.

 Return to Player (RTP):

Winning big amounts is money is essential when it comes to playing on slot games and one of the main reasons why people play on slots these days is to leave with their pockets full!

Due to the fact that winning big is a must for the vast majority of slot players, the RTP is something which is more than quiet important and RTG have certainly understood this!

Red Tiger Gaming are a renowned development company who are well-known for the work they do on slot games and they are also very well-known for developing slot games that pay out well and also have a decent RTP.

Our readers mean the world to us and we are very pleased to inform you that the Jackpot Quest Online Slot has a magnificent RTP of 96.06%!

About the Developer:

We want our slot reviews to be the very best and because of this we always aim to provide as much information as we can in order to satisfy our awesome readers who are more than important.

We know that our readers love to know about who develops their favourite slots and because of this we have put together a short list which states some of the coolest facts about the Jackpot Quest developer.

Red Tiger Gaming:

  • Red Tiger Gaming has been operating as a gaming development company for over 5 years.
  • In August 2019, it was announced that RTG have started to operate in Switzerland.
  • RTG is the abbreviation term for Red Tiger Gaming
  • There are RTG offices in Asia and Europe.


Jackpot Quest is a super online slot game which I would recommend to anybody who is reading this fabulous review.

Jackpot Quest consists of dozens of magnificent elements which make it one of the very best slots available to play on in this current time. So be sure to check out Jackpot Quest if you are looking for cool themes, large payouts, terrific bonuses and so much more!