Jacks or Better Video Poker Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Jacks or Better Video Poker Slot Review

Poker is one of the most widely recognised games in the world of casinos and card playing. Anywhere from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, you will be able to find a table where you can play this legendary. So it’s great that there are so many versions of it available on online – including this one. Microgaming have produced Jacks or Better Video Poker which is simple and fun.

Looks & Feel

With a simple, clean style, this game is no nonsense and very easy to play. The game is played with a standard pack of fifty two cards, with no additional wild cards. There are no jokers either, and no bonuses. Instead, the most you can win is 4,000 coins, and this is rewarded when you are able to achieve a Royal Flush. To remind you, this is when you are able to accrue a 10, a jack, queen, king and ace of the same suit, in a single hand.

Gameplay is fairly straightforwards. You hit ‘deal’, to deal your hand, and click on individual card to hold them for another hand. Your aim is to achieve the familiar hands in poker, such as three of a kind, two pairs, straights, four of a kind, etc.

Bonus Features

There are no additional bonuses, such as wild cards, available in the game.


If you want a straightforward poker experience online, then this is it. You can autoplay, and bet anything from 0.25 to 25, so there are ways of keeping things interesting. If you love poker and want a simple experience, then this is great. For those new to the game of poker, this is a great way to learn about it.