Jingle Spin Review

In this slot review we will be giving you all the best information on the Jingle Spin online slot game by NetEnt.

November 2018 saw gaming development pioneers NetEnt finally release the highly anticipated Jingle Spin slot.

This is a Christmas themed slot game which also has spooky elements to it as well.

This unique slot is available to players in various different countries all around the world, including Norway and the United Kingdom.

Players can choose several different devices to use in order to play on Jingle Spin however they must have a stable internet connection.

Popular devices that players tend to use in order to play this game are smartphones, laptops and computers.

Both Android and iOS devices are compatible with Jingle Spin.

Looks and Feel:

Having a slot game that is fun to play on is terrific but it is even better when the game actually looks the way it should do whilst also feeling good to play on.

We know that the looks and feel of a slot game are both majorly important requirements for any avid slot player, so because of that we have decided to dedicate this part of the review to the looks and feel on Jingle Spin.

So as you know, Jingle Spin is a Christmas themed online slot game with a bit of a medieval twist and I really do think this is awesome.

This is a theme which is very rare on slot game, so to see it is fantastic.

I love the theme on this game and I think that the appearance of it certainly correlates it extremely well.

As soon as I got onto the slot I first came across a father Christmas character who was sat in the corner, he had the typical outfit on as well as the beard which was nice to see.

The spooky type of theme first came to my attention when I noticed all of the patterns on the background of the slot.

Colours such as brown, gold and black have been used as well as Arabic writing across the wooden looking pillars in the background. This gives off a completely different look in my opinion and in all honesty I am all for it!

Various different icons which all relate to Christmas can be seen throughout the slot, they include trees, tinsel, Elfs and even wrapped up presents!

All of these icons mean different things and they will all help the player in one way or another.

As well as the appearance, I always want the slot games that I invest my time and money onto to also feel great too.

Nothing can be worse than playing on a perfect slot game and then it lets you down because of the feel not being up to scratch.

The feel on the Jingle Spin slot game is absolutely fantastic and I think it is one of the best things about this immense slot!

One of the first things which impressed me straight away was how fast that pages loaded when I clicked on them.

As well as this, the responsiveness is also another fabulous quality on this slot which is perfect!

Another top feature that has impressed me whilst playing on Jingle Spin has to be the images and animations.

They all look great and they also all relate well to the theme of the slot and what the slot is actually about.

In addition to this, the quality in terms of the graphics truly is second to none.

When playing on a slot game, I always like to have a good layout and there are various reasons for this but mainly because it is easier to play on if I know where everything is and how to get around the slot.

Jingle Spin has a fabulous layout and I think that it definitely does add to the overall feel of the slot in many different ways.

Bonus Features:

When it comes to online slot games, here at Slotsino we always thrive to ensure that our readers get all the best information on our reviews and because of this, it is only right for us to inform you about the best bonus features!

Bonus features are absolutely brilliant and finding the right one can be great. Nowadays, pretty much every slot developer ensures that their slots have a decent amount of bonus features for their players to take advantage of when playing on the slot.

Here are some of the best bonus features that are available to slot players on Jingle Spin.

Free Spins Bauble: This feature will trigger free spins and players can potentially win additional free spins too.

The minimum amount of free spins that the player can win is 7 whilst the maximum amount is 50.

Surprise Bauble: The Surprise Bauble really is a surprise and you don’t know what you will receive but whatever it is it will certainly assist you on your slot journey. Players could potentially win wilds, multipliers or even additional spins.

Spreading Wild Bauble: The Spreading Wild Bauble is one of the most popular features on Jingle Spin and it is clear to see why!

This feature will substitute for every other symbol on the slot apart from the regular wild in order to give players an increased chance of winning.

Return to Player (RTP):

Jingle Spin has an RTP of 96.48%.

About the Developer:

For many avid slot players like myself, the developer of an online slot game has a very important job and the role that they play is crucial!

Nowadays, the best online slot games are always developed by the very best developers and there are tons of top slot game developers around these days which means tons of top games are being produced!

We know that our readers always look to use for the best information and because of that we have decided to include some cool info about the developers of the slots that we review.

Here are some interesting facts about the developer of Jingle Spin.

The developer of the jingle spin online slot game is NetEnt.
NetEnt have developed more than 200 online slot games.

The NetEnt head office is in Sweden however they also have offices in various other locations too such as France and London.


All in all, Jingle Spin really is a terrific slot game to play on and I can see exactly why it has done so well ever since it was released.

This well-developed slot game is jam-packed with tremendous features which make it a joy to play on, players can enjoy awesome themes, tons of fun as well as immense bonuses which are there to help players significantly.

Jingle Spin offers plenty of bonuses and jackpots which are all immense and this is one of the main reasons why it is such a popular slot game amongst players from all over the world.

Common bonuses include free spins and wilds.

I feel that the layout on this game is terrific, as well as the design which certainly enhanced the way I felt about the slot.

Overall, Jungle Spin is fantastic slot game to play on and it has everything which is needed in order to guarantee a top online gaming experience so be sure to give it a go!