Joker Gems Review

Joker Games is a great online slot game which is based on jokers and gems! The aim of this spectacular slot is to collect as many gems as possible in order to win as much money as you possibly can!

This game is very well-developed and it has 5 reels with 0 paylines.

Instead of paylines, this game has cluster pays instead and players will need at least 3 identical symbols in order to form a winning cluster.

Joker Gems is a popular slot which was developed by ELK Studios in 2018 and since then it has become very popular with slot fans all over the world.

Players on this wonderful slot can either play via the web browser or the mobile phone app which is completely free to download.

The majority of people who decide to play via the mobile phone app prefer to do so due to the convenience and ease of it.

You will be able to play on Joker Gems if you have an Android or iOS device. Common devices include mobile phone, laptops and even tablets.

In order to play on this slot you must ensure that you have a strong internet connection and a compatible device.

Looks and Feel:

Joker Gems is a very splendid game to play on and there are numerous different reasons for this.

Plenty of people tend to play on Joker Gems because of how fun it is and how much money can be won but in addition to this, the looks and feel on this slot are both top and they also play a huge part on why people want to spend their time and money on this game.

Due to the fact that this game has a spectacular theme, the appearance is pretty much spectacular too and, in my opinion, it looks terrific because it looks very different!

The main character who can be seen on the homepage is a joker who has a very pale face, love hearts on his cheeks and a funky colourful hat.

The background on the slot looks very space themed, there are various different space themed icons such as stars and a colorful background which consists of colours such as red, dark green and purple with some drops off sparkles too which gives the slot a unique appearance.

Gems play a huge role on this slot game, each gem represents a different thing and the more gems you find then the more you have a greater chance of winning large!

You will be able to find dozens of gems when playing on Joker Gems, common ones include the purple gem, blue gem, orange gem and yellow gem.

In my opinion, the layout on Joker Gems is one of the best things that this slot has to offer. All of the important tabs are all placed in relevant places throughout the slot that are easy to get to.

Navigation is another good feature which is simple and the responsiveness is fairly quick.

I always tend to look out for new slot games that have a decent feel to them and I must say that I have certainly found exactly that with Joker Gems.

Joker Gems really does have an impressive feel which makes the overall experience for the player extremely comfortable.

When I was playing on this game, I felt at ease and I was very comfortable and this was because of the feel which definitely enhances the game in many different ways.

Bonus Features:

These days, online slots are huge and millions of people play on them on a daily basis in hope of winning big whilst also having lots of fun!

In order to attract new players to sign up and to entice current players to bet even more, the vast majority of slots now tend to offer big bonus features and these great bonus features come in various different shapes and sizes.

Bonus Features these days really are all different and you can definitely expect to find one that suits you.

Common bonuses include free spins and welcome bonuses, listed below are some popular bonus features that are on Joker Gems.

The Light Chaser Feature: The Light Chaser Feature is a great bonus feature on Joker Gems which is randomly triggered at any time, it will travel over the reels and then land anywhere in a random place. This will then gift the player with a cluster of 4-5 symbols as well as a free respin.

Jackpots: There are 3 jackpots on the Joker Gems Online Slot Game. These jackpots are the bronze jackpot, silver jackpot and gold jackpot.

Cluster Pays: The reason that this slot game has 0 payline is because of the cluster pays.

In order for you to form a winning cluster you will need to get 3 or more identical symbols which are identical to each other.

Return to Player (RTP):

Joker Gems has an RTP of 96.3%

About the Developer:

Joker Gems is a great slot to play on and because of this it has excelled very well since it was established back in 2018.

The developer of this terrific game is ELK Studios who have clearly worked very hard.

We love to educate our readers on new things so because of this we have listed some cool facts about ELK Studios which you can find below.

  • ELK Studios was created in 2012.
  • As of 2019, ELK Studios have developed more than 35 online slot games.
  • Games developed by ELK Studios can be played in Denmark, Romania, Germany and Norway.


All in all, Joker Gems is a wonderful online slot game to play on and it is very easy to see why it is immensely popular amongst slot players.

This game pretty much has it all and ELK Studios really have developed a world-class game!

So if you are looking to play on a fantastic slot which is developed very well, has top features and can make you very rich then make sure you try out Joker Gems!