Jurassic Giants Review

Jurassic Giants is an excellent online slot game which is based on dinosaurs and similar creatures from the world-renowned Jurassic era. Jurassic Giants has 4 pay-lines, 6 reels and is powered by the well-known development company Pragmatic Play. The coin range on this game is £0.01 to £0.50 per line and in this interesting slot review you will learn everything there is to know about Jurassic Giants.

Looks and Feel:

Slot games are very popular in this current era and the vast majority of online gaming fanatics are now playing on slot games for a variety of reasons. Slot games are known for paying out big and providing lots of fun as well as being very well-developed too.

Jurassic Giants is a very well-developed slot game which I genuinely do like very much and this game really does have so many top features which have really impressed me. To start off this review, we will be going through the looks and feel of Jurassic Giants.

First of all, Jurassic Giants really does look awesome and the graphics are second to none. Considering the fact that this slot game is based on the Jurassic era, I was expecting lots of Dinosaurs on the slot and this exactly what appeared as soon as I got onto the slot! The main character which can be seen on the homepage of this slot is the distinctive green Dinosaur which looks extremely realistic!

The colours used throughout this slot are very warm and vibrant which really does add to the awesome Jurassic theme. Colours such as purple, orange and yellow can be seen on the slot. I also noticed various different images such as erupting volcanos which really do make the slot look terrific!

Now onto the feel on Jurassic Giants. I must admit that I was very pleased when I entered Jurassic Giants and the feel was truly splendid. One of the best things about this slot is how easy the navigation is. I found it very simple to navigate throughout the slot and I had no issues at all which is obviously great for my overall gaming experience. To make things even better, the graphics on Jurassic Giants are magnificent and they are very clear. The resolution on the images and animations on Jurassic Giants are of top quality and this made me love the slot even more!

Overall, Jurassic Giants has a top notch appearance and the feel is just as good, so be sure to check it out…you wont regret it!

Bonus Features:

Slot games are getting better by the day and playing on the latest slot games has so many advantages. Not only are new slot games well-developed, they are also known for offering lots of handy bonuses to their players and this is one of the main reasons as to why they have become so popular recently.

Jurassic Giants is a fabulous slot with lots of advantages and to make things even better, this game offers a large range of bonuses too! We love being helpful and to give you a bit of a helping hand, we have decided to put together a small list of the very best bonuses which you could potentially take advantage of when playing on Jurassic Giants.

Free Spins Feature: The free spins feature will be triggered when the player manages to land 10 or more scatter symbols.

Bonus: Jurassic Giants has an outstanding jackpot of £4000 and this bonus can be triggered at any point during the game so make sure you are on your toes and keep a look-out for it!

Return to Player (RTP):

Jurassic Giants has a good RTP of 96.01%.


We have now come to the final part of the review and arguably the most important part…. the verdict!

Overall, Jurassic Giants is an excellent slot game which I really would recommend to anyone who is looking for a new slot game to play on! Jurassic Giants offers so many brilliant features and it really is one of the best slots out there at the moment. The theme on this games is very unique, there are lots of promotions and bonuses which users can take advantage of and the payout ratio is high!

So if you are looking for an exhilarating online slot experience, make sure you check out Jurassic Giants!