Karamba Clan Review

In August 2019, world-renowned online slot game creators Microgaming finally released the highly anticipated Karamba Clan online slot game. This hot property slot has got 5 reels and 9 paylines, plenty of bonuses and huge jackpots!

This interesting slot game is based on sea monsters and creatures which I think is wonderful because it is a very different and unique theme which is rare to see on slot games.

In this review we will be providing you with tons of splendid information which will make you a true expert on the Karamba Clan online slot game.

This is a popular slot game which can be played in Denmark, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland. Due to the fact that millions and millions of people now play on slot games on a regular basis, developers need to make sure that plenty of payment methods are available for players to use when withdrawing and depositing money.

Plenty of payment methods can be used on Karamba Clan, these payment methods include Neteller, PayPal, Maestro, Boku, Mastercard, PayByPhone and Visa Debit.

Players can enjoy hours of fun on Karamba Clan as long as they have a firm internet connection and a device that is compatible with the game. Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry and HTC are all compatible along with tablets, laptops and computers.

You can choose whether you want to play via the mobile phone app which is free to download or through the web browser which is available on laptops, computers, tablets and computers too.

I would recommend the free mobile app to those who would like to play whilst on the go but they must ensure that they have enough mobile data/WIFI otherwise the slot will not be playable.

Looks and Feel:

If you are familiar with our online slot reviews then you will know that we love to cover as many aspects as possible.

These days, online slot games are all different and developers try immensely hard to ensure that their slot is the best around in order for it to do well and hit high numbers.

Slot players look for numerous different things when it comes to playing on slots however one of the most important things has to be the feel which I personally think has to be of a top quality in order for the slot to excel.

Luckily for players of Karamba Clan, this super slot feels great to play on and we are here to explain the overall feel on Karamba Clan to you.

The first feature which stood out to me was the responsiveness which makes the overall experience for the player much better and it is an important feature which Karamba Clan have certainly got correct. Another top feature is the images and graphics which are of an excellent quality, they are clear and look very realistic.

The navigation on Karamba Clan is super too, it is not only just smooth but players will be able to navigate around the slot in a fast manner too which is extremely convenient.

I personally feel that the overall appearance on Karamba Clan is tremendous and it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing slot games that I have come across this year.

Due to the fact that this game has a monster theme, you will notice various different monster icons throughout the slot which all look unique and strange in a sense but I must say they are certainly fascinating!

The background colour is blue however the main icons are all of different colours with some of the most common ones being red, purple, green, yellow and orange too.

Bonus Features:

Here at Slotsino, we are true slot game experts and we love providing our readers with plenty of information which will help them on their slot journey.

We know that slot players tend to look out for slot games that have a good amount of bonus features and luckily for you, Karamba Clan is a to slot game that hosts a wonderful range of bonus features.

Bonus features are great and they can help you in many different ways. I have decided to list some of my favourite bonus features that you can find on Karamba Clan down below so be sure to take a look at them as it will certainly give you a small insight onto what you can expect.

  • Free Spins: 15 free spins will be awarded if you manage to land 3 scatters. In addition to this, a 3x multiplier will be attached and a retrigger feature is also available.
  • Red Viking Symbol: The Red Viking Symbol is the most valuable symbol on Karamba Clan and it can give you a potential win of 50,000x your initial stake!

Return to Player:

Karamba Clan has an excellent RTP of 96.10%

About the Developer:

Being a massive online slot player, I know that the developer of a slot game is extremely important and nowadays, slot players prefer to spend their hard earned money on slot games which have been developed by well-known and reliable developers who are proven for creating good slots!

The developer of Karamba Clan are the well-known gaming giants Microgaming who are certainly proven in this industry and we have listed some top facts about them so make sure you check them out!

  • Microgaming have been developing online casino games since 1994.
  • In 2018, Microgaming announced John Coleman as the official CEO of the company.
  • In October 2016, SkillOnNet came to a content agreement with Microgaming which would see the 2 companies working together on a frequent basis.


To finish off, Karamba Clan is a superb online slot game which is certainly a personal favourite for me and I think that it is one of the best slot games to ever grace this insane industry!

The theme is extremely unique, the jackpots are super wonderful and the overall development of the slot is excellent so I am one very happy punter.

Karamba Clan is a reliable, well-known and trust slot game which can make you very rich whilst also providing you with lots of fun so be sure to play on it.