King of Atlantis Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

King of Atlantis Review:

The lost city of Atlantis provides many opportunities for creativity and imagination. From mermaids to mystical creatures, the legends of Atlantis are some of the most beloved tales that we have. Atlantis has long captured the imaginations of the people. There is something captivating about the long-lost city, and there is no shortage of slot games with a theme based on the legend. King of Atlantis is another of such games. Developed by online casino game developer IGT, it has some nifty bonus features that really help make the game a winner.

Looks & Feel:

The game has five reels and five rows, with forty paylines. The icons used in the game are well designed. Some gold coins can be seen resting on the ocean floor in the background. All of the symbols fit the theme, such as the pretty, red-haired woman, a golden crown, a ring with a large jewel in it, a shell and a stone with a detailed design. Poseidon, the King of Atlantis, represents the wild symbol. He will only show up on the second and fourth reel. Poseidon can sit in place of any other symbol with the exception of the trident.

Bonus Features:

IGT’s King of Atlantis gives plenty of opportunities to increase your winnings. There is an opportunity to increase the number of wilds found during a spin. When you start, there are only 20 wilds. However, by increasing the amount of your wager you can increase them to as many a 60 wilds.

Another nifty bonus feature is the free spins that are activated by finding a trident on the first reel and a wild at any other spot. This will award you with eight free spins. Any wild that you find will stay in place during the round. Unfortunately, you can’t trigger any more of the free spin bonuses during a free spin.

King of Atlantis RTP:

Most games have a set RTP, while others seem to have a more variable Return to Player percentage. The RTP is an important piece of information for hardcore players looking to make a profit from their gaming. With a variable RTP of 92.01% to 96.14%, King of Atlantis sits at the low end of many games.


IGT did a great job designing the theme for King of Atlantis. The game itself is very colourful, and it gives the tired theme a breath of new life with their own vision of the lost city of Atlantis. The large symbol is easy to see and fun to look at. The ability to increase your bet to add additional wilds to your spins is another great feature. Overall, King of Atlantis is a wonderful slot game.