King of Slots Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

King of Slots Review

King of Slots is not a title you can win easily, as you can have it taken off you in the same breath.

However, in this well-concocted game created by NetEnt, you may perhaps actually get to meet the true king of slots.

Packed with symbols like jewels, sapphires, cherries, lemon, crowns, melons and cards between A – 10, if you like gaming, this game has it all when it comes to referring to what gaming was and is coming to be.

Look & Feel

With a jazzy type of tune, lingering in the background, you can really get into the groove when playing this slot alongside the king.  It’s a nice and fairly simple slot when it comes to its visuals – you’re hanging with a king, playing an awesome slot for your own enjoyment.

The sounds in King of Slots are rather pleasant, both in those heard in the background and especially so when wins occur. These only heighten the sense of excitement as the reels spin, and symbols fall in place to increase the size of wins in the re-spin feature.

Bonus Feature

A sticky win feature! Anytime you receive either 3 ‘WILD’ symbols or just by having a winning spin, the sticky win feature is initiated, removing all symbols, except the winning payline, only to generate new icons.

This feature does not stop until the reel does not receive a win, meaning you will then have to play a new spin at your initial stake value.

This feature is available and generated in both regular spinning and the free spin feature, generating even bigger wins for you as a player.

Free Spin Feature

This free spin feature is quite the cool one and in order to have it initiated, you need at the very least five scatter symbols across your reels.

However, the more scatter symbols you have available at your disposal, the more free spins you get. Not to mention that all wins from the free spin are tripled to provide even greater winnings.

King of Slots RTP

The RTP of King of Slots is 97% which is a fantastic number, truly showing you how badass the King of Slots truly is.


This game has an absolutely great free spin feature, however, it’s not very easy to come by. When playing in normal mode, you more often than not, win smaller amounts.

However, when in the free spin feature, that’s when you can make bank. With the two features coinciding, this is one game that will not disappoint.