Legacy of Ra Megaways Review

This review is about the Legacy of Ra Megaways slot game. This game is developed by Blueprint gaming and it is based on the ancient world of Egypt!

Having only been around since March 2019, this game is still a new game but it has already turned plenty of heads and by the end of this review you will know everything about the slot and what cool things it has to offer so stay tuned and continue to read on!

Legacy of Ra Megaways is a game which has quickly become renowned for the large payouts that it offer and also the crazy jackpots that come with the game too! There are 6 reels and 15625 ways to win on this slot.

You can play this wonderfully developed slot game on iOS and Android devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets and laptops. Various platforms are compatible with this slot, popular ones include safari and chrome.

Looks and Feel:

As you are probably already aware of, here at Slotsino we take lots of proud when it comes to reviewing slots and we aim to publish slot reviews which are of the finest quality which means they must have all of the vital information!

So to start off our informative review on Legacy of Ra Megaways, I think it is only right to cover one of the most anticipated topics…the appearance!

The appearance on this slot really is quite unique and, in my opinion, it looks like something out of a movie which I think is great.

This slot is an Ancient Egyptian themed game and I certainly knew this from the second I got onto it! I was instantly bombarded with Egyptian themes and icons when I got onto the slot and I must admit that they look superb! Pyramids, jewels and pharaohs can all be seen on the homepage.

There is a fiery type of theme on this game too, I saw lots of fire poles and larva which makes the slot look very spectacular!

The colour theme is mainly gold, orange and brown which gives the game a warm feel whilst also expressing the Egyptian theme too.

The feel on Legacy of Ra Megaways is quite good and it really does enhance the slot in various different ways.

The main thing which struck me was the ease of navigation which I was very fond of, as well as this, the responsiveness is equally as good too!

One other feature which I am impressed with has to be the high quality graphics which make the slot look professional and very well-developed!

Bonus Features:

We love being helpful and because of this we always make sure that our slot reviews have all the best information in order to help out our readers as much as possible so they know just what to expect before signing up!

One of the main things which we know our slot players love is bonus features and luckily for you there are dozens of fabulous bonus features on Legacy of Ra Megaways, some of which will be listed below.

Jackpot: The Jackpot on Legacy of Ra Megaways is a whopping £250,000!

Bonus Symbols: There are various bonus symbols on this game and if you find the right one then you could win 10,00x of your original stake!

Free Spins: Land five scatter symbols to receive 10 free spins on this slot game.

Return to Player (RTP):

To play on an online slot game is one thing but winning big is another and because of this we only want our valued readers to play on the slots where we know they have a high chance of winning big amounts of money!

Legacy of Ra Megaways is certainly one of those awesome slot games which can potentially make your very rich and that has been partly why it is such a popular slot!

The RTP on this fantastic game is 96.01%.

About the Developer:

Nowadays there are slot games everywhere and the amount of popularity that they have is huge!

The popularity of these games is only going to grow and because of this, slot developers constantly have a very high demand to continue producing world class slot games!

The developers are very important when it comes to the world of online gaming and they play a huge role!

I think it is very fair to say that the developers of Legacy of Ra Megaways deserve praise for their work on this slot as it has many top features and the way it has been made is great!

In this section of the review we will be explaining who the developers of this slot game are whilst also providing you with some fun facts too!

Blueprint Gaming are the brains behind this fabulous slot and here are some interesting facts about the world-renowned company.

  • Gauselmann group acquired Blueprint Gaming in 2008.
  • The Blueprint Gaming headquarters is in Lubbecke.
  • Blueprint Gaming was created in 2001.
  • You can find slots, blackjack, poker games and more developed by Blueprint Gaming.


As you know, we always aim to create the best slot reviews and we hope that this review has taught you lots and given you plenty of information about the Legacy of Ra Megaways online slot game as we come to the end of it.

Before we go, it is time for one last thing…. the verdict.

Legacy of Ra Megaways is a lovely slot game to play and there are dozens of reasons for this which I will now be going through.

This slot really does have all that is needed for a top class game and I can see why it has done so well!

The layout of this slot is fab, it is simple but also very easy to navigate and get around on. The responsiveness and the graphical quality are great too.

You can also expect big winnings and joyful jackpots when playing on Legacy of Ra Megaways too!

Overall, with plenty of fabulous features, masses of fun and also chances to leave with tons of money, it is a no brainer as to why you should play on this slot so get playing now!