Live Blackjack Pro Review & Free Play

Live Blackjack Pro Review & Free Play

Live Blackjack Pro is an exciting and awesome online casino game that is brought to us by Net Entertainment, who offer a range of live casino games and really thrive in the casino industry, as one of the best developers in it. With over decades and decades of experience in this market, we can expect some very big things from them, with them being able to use their expertise and experience to produce a huge portfolio of games. Netent have other live casino games that they have produced in the past, which makes it easier to trust them and for them to be able to offer a great lasting experience for you that you are going to thoroughly enjoy.

Blackjack itself is one of the most popular casino games that there is in the entire industry. If you lined up every single casino game that has ever existed and every single slot game that has ever been played, the game that would be at the top of most customer’s lists for the best casino game, would be blackjack. This game was around before casinos were, it was one of the few table games that people used to play hundreds of years ago in pubs and bars. Now it is in every single brick-and-mortar casino and attracts a lot of attention, with people turning up and playing blackjack for hours on end. When online casinos we then released, it made its way onto them, where you would have to play against the computer. From this, live casino games have been introduced and blackjack is one of the casino games that you can play live.

There are many developers that have produced a live version of blackjack, which include the likes of big competitors in Evolution Gaming, however we deem the Netent version to be the fan favourite. Playing Live blackjack pro by Netent is one of the closes experiences you will get to experiencing a real land casino experience, except from the comfort of your own home. Live Blackjack pro is a mobile optimised game, which means that you can access it across a range of smartphones or tablet devices, giving you the freedom to play anywhere, at any time. Whether you are wanting to pass some time, or you are out and about and cannot reach a land casino or a computer, simply pull out your mobile device and have this awesome experience at your fingertips.

In this review, we will analyse this popular casino game and see whether or not a live casino game is what we would recommend to you as apposed to playing against the computer. As well as this, we can see how this version of blackjack compares to other versions that are offered by other developers.

How to Play:

The rules of Live Blackjack Pro are the same as a standard game of blackjack that you would play at a casino. There are 6 decks of cards used by the dealer to ensure that there is no card counting from players. There are 7 seats at the table, for 7 players to play at one time.

The aim of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can, without going over. If you go over the value of 21, then you will go bust. If you manage to get exactly 21, then you have hit blackjack. The best possible hand that you can have is hitting 21 in 2 cards which would be blackjack, this would require having a high ace and also a card with the value of 10, which can either be 10, J, Q, or K.

To begin, simply take your seat and choose your betting stake. Place your bet on the correct place of the table and submit it. The dealer with then draw 2 cards to each player, one of which will be faced up. You as a player are then able to turn over your other card to see what you have. Once you have seen your cards, the dealer will then ask you to make your move, the options that you have include the following:

  • Hit – If a player hits, then they are requiring another card from the dealer, the dealer will then present another card to the player. The player should hit until they are happy with the value of cards they have, and they have some confidence that the dealer will not beat their cards. Of course, the value of your cards needs to stay under 21 so you do not go bust.
  • Stand – f you are happy with the value of the cards that you have, then you decide to stand, and you will be drawn no more cards.
  • Split – In order to split, you must have 2 cards of the same value. You can then split the cards into separate attempts, so you can try to hit blackjack on each of the cards, essentially meaning that you have 2 goes in 1 round. Your stake for this will be doubled for that particular round, but it does increase your chances of beating the dealer.
  • Double – If your first 2 cards add up to the value of 9, 10, or 11, then you will be able to double your betting stake for that round. You cannot do so if you have an Ace, unless it’s a low Ace with the value of 1.

Once you have had your go, it is then the dealers turn to try and outrank you. The dealer can also go bust; in which case you will automatically win. If they get a higher value than you and do not go bust, then they will win the pot for that round. The dealer also has to draw on 16 but stand on 17. This is the standard rule that applies in Blackjack.


The layout of this Live Blackjack Pro game is excellent and easy to understand. All the betting options that you need are at your disposal and the experience is that realistic that it is almost as if you are in a casino playing it, it is the closest it will get to it anyway. Across the bottom of your screen, you will see all of the different betting chips and their values. Covering your screen, you will see a blackjack table, with a lovely dealer sat at it ready to deal you your cards and welcoming you to the game. You can see all the betting options on the table and the other players on that table.

The dealer will interact with you, welcoming you to the table when you join and also reading comments that you post in the live chat box to the left of the screen. Use this live chat box to become more interactive and improve your betting experience with other players, a little feature that adds that extra sense of realism. The background of these games is usually interesting, sometimes you can get a plain background, or sometimes you can get a royal looking background with some intriguing ornaments standing there.

In the right corner of the screen you will be able to see the dealer’s last 10 cards that were dealt, as well as the blackjack – bust percentage. In the left corner, you will have the name of the dealer, your betting stake, your winning amount and also your casino account balance.


This is an incredibly exciting online casino game that we would certainly recommend to customers. If you want the experience of a brick-and-mortar casino, except online, then this is certainly a game we would recommend. Netent have done an excellent job of creating an awesome online casino game that can enjoyed by all casino players. For those that have never experienced a live casino game before, then this is certainly a great option to go with.

The graphics are excellent, given that you have a stable internet connection. The dealers are polite and like to interact with you whilst you play. The fact that they also give you some facts and figures on percentages and also previous hands can seriously help you make a justified decision when it comes to choosing what decision to make on your hand. Why not try this game out now for yourself at Slotsino and see whether or not this is the right online casino game for you, and whether you think that you should start playing more live dealer games.