NetEnt Live Roulette Review

For so many years, the game of roulette has been immensely popular with casino fans and it is one of the most popular types of casino games to ever grace the industry. For the past decade or so, online technology has been on the rise and nowadays a lot of people choose to have their fun on a casino via the online world with one of the first companies to offer it being NetEnt.

Online roulette has also been on the rise recently and it is available for players to play on via their mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This review will cover everything there is to know about NetEnt Live Roulette.

Looks & Feel:

As with any Casino game, the looks and feel of a live roulette game is seriously important and many casino players tend to choose which roulette to play on based on the appearance and how it looks. As much as the appearance is important on a roulette game, the other major factor which is also very important is the overall feel.

Finding an online casino which has a good feel to it can really impact the players experience and in this review, we will be giving you all the important information on the looks and feel for the NetEnt Live Roulette.

To start off with, the NetEnt live roulette has a very basic design which was expected and it really is just the classic roulette game. Despite having quite a basic design, this NetEnt roulette is infact eye catching and neutral colours have been used which gives it a simple look.

The classic roulette colours such as black and red are on this roulette and there is a typical green tabled background too. The NetEnt logo can be found in a white and green text, situated in the top left corner. Underneath the NetEnt logo, there is a live chat option for the player to use and information such as the bet amount, win amount and the balance can all be viewed on the left hand side of the roulette.

The NetEnt live roulette honestly does have a fabulous feel and this was not really a surprise to me as NetEnt roulette’s are known to have a good feel to them. As I was navigating around the roulette, I found that it was extremely easy and there was no discomfort at all.

The only downside in terms of the feel on the NetEnt roulette was the responsiveness. Unfortunately, the responsiveness was not the quickest and it could have been better however I am sure that NetEnt will notice this soon enough and make some changes in order to fix it.

Bonus Features:

Online Casinos are renowned for offering great bonus features to their players and luckily for you, the NetEnt Live Roulette certainly does have a wonderful selection of bonus features which are bound to impress you and any avid roulette fan. To give you a small insight into what type of features you can expect from a NetEnt live roulette, we have listed a few of the best ones below.

The first awesome feature about this roulette is the fabulously easy interface. The interface on the NetEnt roulette is very easy to use and it assists the player in navigation across the roulette and it gives them a more comfortable and easier time as the interface is a huge advantage.

The synchronized audio on the roulette is also another great feature which I was very impressed with. These days it is quite hard to find a roulette which has a decent quality audio as well as it being synchronized so I was very happy when I noticed that this roulette had exactly that!

One of the most popular features that has impressed many players is the chance for players to place bets during the spin, which is a feature that is known to be available at land-based casinos. This is an awesome feature that is quite rare on online casinos so it really is appreciated by the majority of roulette players.

Return to Player:


About the Developer:

As you know, Live Roulette is very popular and with the rise of online casinos in recent years, live roulette has also increased in terms of popularity. Due to the fact that this review is about the NetEnt live roulette, we thought that it would be only right to cover NetEnt and give you some important information about the world renowned gaming development company.

So as you already know, NetEnt are a renowned company who really are very well-established in the gaming development industry. Having been founded over 16 years ago, NetEnt have worked on lots of huge and important projects in their time, including roulettes, slots, blackjack and so much more! NetEnt have developed over 300 slot games and over the past several years they have become very popular for their awesome live roulettes so make sure you keep your eyes open for them!


This was my first time reviewing the NetEnt live roulette and I must say that I was very pleased with it. The layout on the roulette is superb and it was very easy for me to understand and get my head around which is obviously a great advantage to have. All of the important tabs such as the balance, bet amount and the win amount are all placed in good places which are easy to view and they are also in good sized texts.

The quality of the graphics on the roulette is splendid too and it was one of the main things which really impressed me when I first went onto the game so I must praise NetEnt for this. There is lots of bonus features on the NetEnt live roulette too, including a good interface which is easy to use and get around on. The audio is also another really good feature which I was happy with, it is relevant to the roulette and it is also very crisp.