Live Roulette Review, RTP & Free Play

Live Roulette Review

As one of the leading developers of live dealer casino games, Extreme Live Gaming put a lot of care into their titles. The casino software providers have produced several inspiring live dealer casino titles, a good number of the roulette games, but this one is their most basic package – the standard live dealer roulette game that they offer.

Look & Feel

In total there are about 20 different titles from this provider, all of which offer a different take on roulette. This one, as we’ve said, is their standard offering. The game provides a pretty big scope in terms of what you can see directly (including the roulette wheel and the betting board represented via the HD live stream) but you can alter the camera angles at any time. Dealer interaction is also possible with this title.

The types of bets you can find in this roulette games won’t come as a surprise. Outside bets such as odds, evens, blacks, reds, highs and lows can all be bet on, as can inside bets such as splits, streets, corners, lines, columns, dozens and straight-up bets. Additional bets include those more commonly found in French roulette, such as Orphelins, Tiers, Voisins and bets on zero.

As for the bets, themselves, they stretch from £1 per game up to a rather considerable £10,000 per bet. High-roller and low-roller versions of Extreme Live Gaming titles such as this are very common. There are special variants of this game which can be found at certain casinos which means that bets can cost less, although most stick to the £1 per game limit.


Standard European roulette payouts are up for grabs in Extreme Live Gaming’s Live Roulette. You’ve got your 1:1 even money wins for odds and evens, blacks and reds, highs and lows, and the dozen/column bets cough up 2:1 if they come good. More prosperous payouts include 5:1 for streets, 8:1 for corners, 11:1 for lines, and 17:1 for splits. Straight up bets pay out a considerable 35:1 prize but as you can imagine, they are the toughest bets to nail down, due to the probability of them coming off.

Live Roulette House-Edge

Live Roulette is a standard roulette game from this developer, and although it has the odd French roulette bets worked into its design, it is based on European roulette rules. This means that its house edge is set to 2.70%. This is considerably better for players than the house edge in the developer’s American roulette variant, which is fixed at 5.26%.


If you’re after playing a standard and simple live dealer roulette game, then Extreme Live Gaming’s live roulette will fit the bill rather nicely. However, don’t feel as though you must play this one to enjoy live dealer roulette action. The casino software providers have ample alternatives (all roulette games too) for you to try if you fancy something a little different and less mainstream. For rookies and those seeking a basic live dealer roulette experience, though, this title is more than sufficient.